• Self drive car tour in the United States


    Go down the coast to discover a fairly unknown regions and enjoy the sunsets.
  • Self drive car tour in the United States


    Complete trip to the national parks, deserts, mountains, forests…immersed in nature!
  • Self drive car tour in the United States


    A trip in the belly of the USA, you will be amazed to discover the raw parts of the USA.
  • Escorted bus tour in the United States


    Un viaggio meraviglioso attraverso i parchi naturali ma anche le grandi città. Un mix di natura e cultura davvero perfetto!
  • Escorted bus tour in the United States


    La costa Est e la costa Ovest con la nostra guida in italiano e i nostri pullman Gran Turismo… enjoy America!
  • Motorcycle tours in the United States

    ROUTE 66

    Just you, your motorbike and the United States to cross
  • Rent a camper in the United States

    The perfect place
    for a camper roadtrip

    If you dream of a vacation with total freedom and independence, renting a camper in the United States is just the thing for you.

  • Rent a car in the United States

    A great
    "on the road" trip

    Experiencing the United States "on the road" is without a doubt a unique thing that will allow you to discover, in absolute liberty, the country that is just ideal for this sort of travel. 

  • Motorcycle rental in the United States

    Your Easy Rider

    The quintessential American dream: blazing through the vast territories of the States on a Harley Davidson, with the wind in your face and a cloud of dust behind your back. 

  • Travel Guide

    Not just jazz and Creole cuisine but also voodoo dolls and needles...where are we?


    A sleeping minivan with kitchenette, fully decorated and easy to drive. Probably one of the best option for your roadtrip and you can say 'Home is where you park it'!


    Add relax and nature to your roadtrip in the United States. Sleep one or two nights in our cabins into the forest. Turn off your devices, relax...and breathe!


    A five-stars glamorous camping for you special night inside the National Parks, near by red canyons wil forests! An amazing 'plus' to add to your roadtrip in the USA.

Your trip to the United States

Rely on those specializing in the States and ask us for a free estimate for your personalized tour in the United States

Flight and car tour in the United States? Rent a camper and visit the American national parks? Bike tour in California or just book few hotels and excursions during your stay? Whatever your needs are, we are ready to create and personalize together with you your next trip to the United States, flights included.

If you want to travel in liberty you can rent a camper, a car or a motorcycle or you can pick a group tour in the United States, in bus and with an Italian guide, or just a few hotels along the way! If America has always been your dream, enjoy the coast to coast in the United States, tours of the national parks, themed tours, excursions to the big cities and seaside destinations in the United States. Contact us for a free quote – the USA are waiting for you!

You have already travelled in the United States and you would like to go back? We can offer alternative routes, itineraries and personalized tours in the United States to discover smaller national parks as well as musical or literary tours.

You can rent a camper in the United States or a Harley Davidson bike even for just one part of your trip. Is there a better place for an on the road trip by car, camper or motorcycle than the United States? Remember that booking a trip with Xplore also means travelling in security of insurance coverage by Europ Assistance and relying on the experts who have always worked exclusively with trips to the United States.

In addition to the tours in the United States, check out our Travel Guide with photos and stars and stripes curiosities. From California to New York, from Hawaii to Florida through the American Midwest. Prepare your trip in the best possible way and let our passion for the United States guide you!

Our trip ideas in the United States

Discover tourist services at your disposal, make your holiday in the United States unique and personalize your trip with Xplore. For tours, excursions, services and special requests for your trip to the United States, do not hesitate to get in touch!
Hundreds of car tours, bus tours and motorcycle tours...travel with us to the United States!
Auto, camper o moto? Scegli il tuo mezzo e inizia il tuo viaggio sulle strade degli Stati Uniti
Choose a truly different on the road experience and explore the magnificent Pacific Northwest in a legendary VW Westfalia!
Sleep comfortably inside American National Parks, immersed in nature
What’s better after a great trip on the road in the United States than a week in the Caribbean or Mexican sun?
Plan your trip in the United States to the best, add excursions to the cities and American national parks, avoid the lines and don’t waste time!
Disneyland in Los Angeles or Disneyworld in Orlando? Pick and book your single or multi-attraction ticket through Xplore!
In 2017 the wonder we call Canada turns 150…and we can assure you, it doesn’t even show its age!
Experience America like a true cowboy among horses, ranches and spectacular landscapes
Turn off your smartphone, enjoy silent nature and reclaim your space. Set aside some quality time just for yourself and your travel companion, remember the important things in life
The allure of train travel across the United States: see America through a train window!
A combination of glamour and camping, a perfect and stylish solution
Enjoy a unique experience in the middle of the snow of the American mountains. A true paradise for all skiers and mountain lovers!
Adventure travel in the United States. Rent a motorsled or a pick-up, go rafting or riding horse. Contact us and let’s make your trip to the States more adventurous (and funny)!
Organize your honeymoon in the United States, use 5% discount and handling of cash gifts
We can book for you all kinds of hotels in the United States, from low budget accomodation to the best deluxe and design hotels!

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For your trip to the United States, always remember: the earlier you book, the less you pay! That being said, make sure not to miss the special offers and promotions by Xplore for tours, excursions and rental in the United States, at discount prices.

Check out current promotions and rent a camper, a bike or a car for your travel on the American roads, let us advise you on your routes and bookings or pick one of the group itineraries with a guide and a chaperon. Don’t wait too long, though, ask us for a free estimate which includes return flights and save money. Your trip on the roads of the United States is waiting for you and remember: the earlier you book, the more you save!

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Why the United States with Xplore?

If you are thinking of travelling to the United States, we recommend you stop your research right now – you have come to the right place!

Choosing Xplore for your trip to the United States means relying on professionals who from the start have created and offered trips to this country (and Canada) exclusively. From round trip flights to America to flights wihin the country itself, from renting any possible kind of car to campers of all sizes, through a choice of motorcycles including Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, Triumph and Indian! Reservations for any kind of accommodation, from motels along the road to design hotels in big American cities, not to mention the amazing lodges inside the national parks.
Xplore staff is ready to create and customize your trip to the United States with you, by choosing the time of the year, finding the best flights and organizing the trip based on which areas you want to see. Do you prefer big cities over American national parks? Rather not drive? Settle for an organized  bus trip? Want to opt for nature, adventure and outdoor activities? Have you already been to the United States and want to go off the beaten track? Contact us and we will find the travel solution that fits your needs. 
Travelling with Xplore means being able to count on Europ Assistance insurance and our 24/7 travel assistance and count on someone being there in case of problems or emergencies, every day of the year. Xplore offers the possibility to pay for your trips in instalments, if you want to; manages and organizes wedding registries for newlyweds; organizes travel groups and sends free quotes, vouchers and travel documents via email. 

Yes the United States! Where?...no worries just check our Travel Guide? Start from there and find inspiration for your American roadtrip. The history and the appeal of the East Coast with New York, Boston, Washington DC, Miami and of course the Amish counties, Florida beaches, the hills and music in Tennessee, fresh fish and colourful foliage in New England!

Or you can check out the amazing West? California and its beaches, vineyards and millennial redwood forests. Utah and Arizona with their national parks and legendary canyons, the lights of Las Vegas, the majesty of Yellowstone, untouched nature and craft beer in the Northwest, with Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

And then there’s Hawaii, great in every season, the timeless South from Texas to Louisiana or perhaps the area of Chicago and the Great Lakes, the entrance to the american Midwest. Tell us where you feel like going and we will personalize your next travel to the United States.

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