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United States trip ideas

Get inspired to leave the classic routes, discover so many possibilities for fun, sport activities and adventure that await you in the United States! Advice on your honeymoon in the United States or for some downtime in the Caribbean? Or, even better, a week in the snow, or perhaps a stay at one of the amazing ranches? America is waiting for you!

We can book for you all kinds of hotels in the United States, from low budget accomodation to the best deluxe and design hotels!
Plan your trip in the United States to the best, add excursions to the cities and American national parks, avoid the lines and don’t waste time!
Sleep comfortably inside American National Parks, immersed in nature
Organize your honeymoon in the United States, use 5% discount and handling of cash gifts
Disneyland in Los Angeles or Disneyworld in Orlando? Pick and book your single or multi-attraction ticket through Xplore!
Experience America like a true cowboy among horses, ranches and spectacular landscapes
The allure of train travel across the United States: see America through a train window!
Enjoy a unique experience in the middle of the snow of the American mountains. A true paradise for all skiers and mountain lovers!
A combination of glamour and camping, a perfect and stylish solution
What’s better after a great trip on the road in the United States than a week in the Caribbean or Mexican sun?
Turn off your smartphone, enjoy silent nature and reclaim your space. Set aside some quality time just for yourself and your travel companion, remember the important things in life
In 2017 the wonder we call Canada turns 150…and we can assure you, it doesn’t even show its age!
Choose a truly different on the road experience and explore the magnificent Pacific Northwest in a legendary VW Westfalia!
Sleep one night in a traditional Navajo House in the stunning Monument Valley

Make your trip to the United States unique

Change your point of view and let this surprising land amaze you!

In the United States, surprises are always waiting just around the corner, in a natural park with a waterfall such as the Havasupai Falls or trekking in the middle of the wilderness like the Honaker Trail close to the Monument Valley. If you love the sea, you can relax on the magnificent Caribbean beaches, there are many flights from the United States and the connections are very convenient.
If you’d rather not drive, you can always sit back and watch the scenery go by from the window of the Pacific Surfer Train by Amtrak or cross the United States on the California Zephyr.
You can rely on us for your honeymoon in the United States as well. Honeymoon is not necessarily an occasion that requires spending tons of money but it should be an unforgettable experience which we can definitely make special, together with you.
Whether you think of crossing the United States on a bike staying in motels or you prefer staying in the best design hotels where you will arrive in a Mustang GT, we can help and find the best solution!
For your convenience we can also take care of all the cash deposits by your guests using a dedicated bank account.
If you are looking for a particular hotel in the United States we can find it and book it using our network. Our prices are in line with the main search engines and we lines of preference for certain rooms or less popular accomodations If you want to see what life is like on a ranch in the United States , prepare a good pair of jeans and get ready to leave for Montana! Throwing in a lodge in a national park is even easier, and if you love the nature you can also consider glamping in the United States , sleeping in a luxury campsite for a truly unique experience.



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