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The real wild side of the United States

Even if you are sensitive to the cold, you shouldn’t get discouraged: Alaska is more than just freezing temperatures, long icy expanses and sleigh dogs…Just come in the summer months and you will be able to enjoy Alaska’s amazing scenery without a fur coat all the way down to your ankles! You will have a hard time deciding between mountains, glaciers, forests, lakes, archipelagos and wild animals: up here, everything is extraordinary! If you don’t mind a little cold when you travel, you can visit Alaska in the fall and enjoy what is probably the most spectacular natural sight in the world: aurora borealis.

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When to go?

Best time to visit Alaska is from June to August, with mild temperatures and up to light hours a day. More rainy days during the fall, but in September and October are the best months to see the fantastic Aurora Borealis

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Alaska is the state of the records: the largest of the United States (ten times larger than the average area of the remaining 49 states), has more kilometers of shoreline than the rest of the United States, has the largest national park (Wrangell-St. Elias), the largest national forest (Tongass) and the highest mountain in the entire North America (Mt. McKinley, 6.138 meters high), has the biggest brown bears in the world (in the Kodiak National Refuge you can find bears that weigh up to 680kg). All in all, an immensity of places waiting for you to discover them! Thanks to its remote position and frigid climate throughout most of the year, Alaska has remained almost completely wild and untouched: if you are used to the classic United States full of small towns, shopping malls and fast foods, here you will definitely be surprised. 


A total immersion in nature!

Alaska offers an amazing number of opportunities for adventure in the open air, from those suitable for kids to the most extreme ones. Parks like the Glacier Bay National Park or the Denali National Park have an infinite number of trails and paths of various levels of difficulty which you can explore on foot or on a bike rented on site; do not miss the chance to join a trip to one of the glaciers, it is much less demanding than it seems and it would really be a shame to miss a spectacular sight such as the Juneau Icefield.

If your goal is to see some animals, here you will find something right up your alley: Alaska is in fact a giant natural reserve in which you can see some rare species such as polar bears, bald eagles, humpback whales, blue whales, gray wolves, killer whales, lynxes, moose…not to mention salmons: if you want to take up fishing, remember that here you have to be in good physical shape, as in the Kenai River you can find salmon weighing up to 35kg! If, on the other hand, you prefer a more quiet vacation, you can embark one of the many cruises that sail along the Alaskan coast: don’t let anyone make fun of your “lazy” choice, since this is actually one of the best ways to explore Alaska.
Entering the Kenai Fjords National Park, with its icebergs that fall into the sea, is a majestic experience; traveling along the Alaska Marine Highway offers a chance to see some astonishing scenery, to contemplate the icebergs from up close and to go all the way to the beautiful Juneau, the only american state capital that can’t be reached by land.

Alaska is more than just nature and adventure: Anchorage is a city known for its culture and night life (perhaps also because in the summer daylight lasts until 11PM!) and if you are a history buff there are still many places where you can witness the authentic atmosphere of the native culture. 

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