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Train vacation in the USA

The allure of train travel across the United States: see America through a train window!

United States through a window, but no driving!

If you are looking for ideas for your trip to the United States, you have come to the right place: here’s an idea that could save you from stress and make a great life experience…a trip on the legendary Amtrak trains by the National railroad Passenger Corporation, founded in 1971. Based on the kind of travel you want to make, the choice of train could also be a smart logistic call – for example you can travel from Boston to Washington through New York and Philadelphia without having to drive or take an airplane: directly from one city center to another.
Train travel in the United States can really be the smartest choice, one that leaves you enough time to read, enjoy amazing views or simply rest, perhaps after a long car drive on American roads, or after an intercontinental trip. Among other things, a coast to coast in the USA by train is always a one of a kind experience, and an absolute must. 
For those who are particularly keen on this kind of travel, there are train tours that take several days or even weeks, which include special itineraries and have very suggestive names that will make you want to try them all! If you feel like picking a route and purchasing train tickets in the United States…we’re here for you!

Train travel in America

Cross the lands you have never seen before, away from the roads

United States is legendary for on the road travel, for big cars and noisy motorcycles, but there are also these iron giants that still run across the country, on the same tracks that have colonized the Far West and helped the country grow.

In addition to high-frequency lines used by commuters, such as the high velocity ACELA by Amtrak, which runs from Boston to Washington, connecting also New York and Philadelphia, there are also more romantic lines, which make very long stretches and provide a very old-timey experience: you can, for example, cross the whole of California by train or pick among other destinations based on your ideas and dreams.

Whether you decide to use the train for a short trip between one big city and the other, or you’re simply looking for long distance travel that you will use for reading and looking through the window, here at Xplore we have the right solution for your train travel in the United States and we can get you tickets at discount prices, so contact us to check availability and prices. 

Some of the train routes are simply legendary, such as the California Zephyr, which is ideal if you want to cross California, Texas Eagle or the Pacific Surfliner, which travels down the Pacific coast following the line San Luis Obispo-Santa Barbara-Los Angeles-San Diego.

If you want to see the leaves changing color in the fall (the famous New England foliage), the ideal tour for you is the Maple Leaf Train.

To discover the coast, from grunge in Seattle to the cool San Francisco vibes and, finally, the Los Angeles beaches, there’s the Amtrak Coast Starlight, a true gem of train travel in the States! If you are looking to buy Amtrak tickets for the United States, get in touch!

Train travel in the United States can be a unique experience: if you have enough time, you can cross the entire continent or just enjoy some short runs, in order to experience the most peaceful way to travel and see some untouched landscapes. Plan your trip to the United States with us, we can easily combine car and camper travel with trains (at reduced prices!). 


Comfortable, affordable and scenic!

Whether you want to cross one particular state or you’re thinking about a coast to coast trip, pick train travel in the United States and make your discovery of the USA even more special!

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