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Self drive car tour in the United States


From the US coast to the coast of Canada, the exploration of the northern lands!
15 days / 14 nights
Starting from
1224 € per person in double room

The beginning and end of this tour are in the USA but the heart of the trip is in Canada.  A melting pot of diversity, languages (in this part of Canada, French is the official language) and lands. The European vibe of Quebec City is in stark contrast with the port towns of New England. 

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Choose a self drive car tour means to take advantage of the experience and professionalism of a tour operator that specializes solely in trips to the United States. Remember that the rates do not include flights and that children under 16 do not pay for the hotel if they share the room with their parents. You can ask us for a quote for this trip without any modifications or you can contact us to personalize it any way you like, with changes to the route or the type of the car. For more information, contact us at:

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13 days / 12 nights

An amazing car tour in the USA, a full circle that starts and ends in the magnificent Chicago and leads you to explore parts of the legendary American Midwest. Cities and great prairies all the way to Washington, where you will breathe the history and the present of the United States. 

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9 days / 8 nights

Who hasn’t dreamt of going to Mrs. Fletcher's for a cup of tea? This trip will take you to gorgeous beach towns, lighthouses rising from the ocean and endless forests. If you’re tenacious enough, you can even spot some whales, golden eagles and the wildlife that is typical of the American East Coast…such as lobsters!

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Start and finish in New York City – you can decide how many nights you want to stay in the city that never sleeps, but you can also leave immediately and start exploring the Great Lakes and the Niagara Falls. The landscape is pleasant, as you pass through forests and along the ocean shore, across the Amish counties and Washington D.C. 

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A car tour in America starting off from legendary NYC. You can decide how many nights you want to spend in the city and start exploring the north all the way to Canada, passing through the amazing coast of New England. A tour dedicated to cultural differences and culinary experiences. 

Car and hotel in double room, starting from 1.222 € per person

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5 days / 4 nights

After having explored New York City, you should move to its surroundings! Try, for example, the “Las Vegas of the East” – Atlantic City, and then continue to Philadelphia and the Amish counties. A self drive car tour in the United States to learn and appreciate the American culture as a whole, visiting places related to its constitution as well.

Car and hotel in double room, starting from 431 € per person

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13 days / 12 nights

This car tour in America is dedicated entirely to the East and it will definitely not disappoint you. The landscapes and cliffs are breathtaking in the winter as well as in the summer. You can watch the sunset tucked cosily on the patio of your hotel or try a hike or two, and then, for dinner, find yourself face to face with a giant lobster!

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A nice car tour in the USA that will allow you to explore the regions east of Boston, where you can decide how many nights you want to stay, before you start the tour, or after – it’s up to you. From the sea, you will go up the mountains and the forests and then head back to New York, across the gorgeous New England coastline. 

Car and hotel in double room, starting from 633 € per person


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