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USA Ranch holiday

Experience America like a true cowboy among horses, ranches and spectacular landscapes

Few days in a real American ranch!

To experience a stay at a ranch in the United States can really be an unforgettable holiday. These places are managed by very experienced staff, both when it comes to taking care of the animals and practical things and to the ability to provide excellent hospitality. This kind of accommodation will allow you to completely immerse yourself in a lifestyle that these days only a few people really live, without actually having to wake up at dawn and take care of thousands of things that need to be done so that everything keeps running smoothly. But you too will instantly feel the desire to wake up with the first rays of sun and go out with a horse or to work with the horses, even if it just means being with them in their stable, brushing them and watching all the activities around them that need to be done. It’s more than just waking up early and working hard – in the evening there is always a theme dinner, and you can always just sit next to the fireplace and tell your story and hear the others tell their stories.
Like in a movie!


Discover the true America behind the American dream

We have all daydreamed inspired by Tex comic books, imagined what it would be like to live like a true cowboy, a tough man with the eyes of ice and the gun always ready in the holster…

In the United States the dreams on horseback are still quite present. Now, they might not look like straight out of a Sergio Leone movie, but they can teach you all about knots, lassos and ranch animals. How to fight wolves and other predators, how to brush a horse and keep it clean, how to ride and how to lasso a calf that is hard to handle. A stay at a ranch can also be completely relaxing, you can enjoy the ranch and other amazing locations but no one will make you move a finger, if you don’t want to.

Naturally, we have many different options for different needs and preferences. Contact us and let’s find out which kind of ranch in the United States would work best for you!

Ranches in which you don’t have to do any kind of work and only enjoy the atmosphere and ride a horse are called dude ranches and they are designed exclusively for tourism purposes and for those who want to experience the dangers of the Wild West, without any effort at all. Tourism is mainly domestic here, as many Americans feel nostalgic for the old times and feel the call of their origins.

The areas which have the highest concentration of ranches are Montana and Wyoming, as well as Colorado and a few locations in Arizona and some other states. There are ranches that offer the chance to work but it’s a decision that needs to be made by you and you alone.
The ranches organize many excursions with horseback riding, but there is also live music and outdoor dining dressed as cowboys, which make great photo opportunities!

Get ready to live in the United States in the open air and in a natural setting, at least for a day or two.


Contact us for a free quote or just for some additional information. Make your trip to the United States even more special!

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