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Motorcycle rental in the United States


Finally, your dream of a true On the Road experience can become reality! Renting a motorcycle in the United States through Xplore will allow you to live the dream of an Easy Rider vacation in total freedom and independence. Choose between Triumph, Honda, BMW and, obviously, the legendary Harley Davidson motorbikes, check out favourable prices and book your two-wheel beast right away. Pick an itinerary or contact us to create one together and to book hotels and motels for each of the stop-overs on your roadtrip.

Can I rent a bike for a single day?
Of course you can! We know that making a full trip on a bike can be difficult, but you can definitely satisfy your craving for a single day!
Do I need an international driver’s license?
International driver’s license is recommended, but not mandatory. You can decide on that on your own, based on the kind of trip you plan on making. The minimum age for renting a motorcycle is 21.
Picking up and dropping off the bike
All rental offices are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. All rental offices are closed during American holidays. Contact us for more information.
Security deposit and credit card
In order to rent a bike, you will have to have a credit card in your name, which will be used as a security deposit – 300 USD will be held on your card as a deposit until you bring back the motorcycle at the end of the rental.
Borders and events
With a rented bike, you can enter Canada, but not Mexico. Special fees apply during certain periods, events or celebrations.
Special promo
Booking fees? ZERO

NO booking fee for every motorcycle rented for at least 5 days
Book within March 31st

Discover the States on a motorbike!