Ripartenza! Stati Uniti di nuovo aperti al turismo. Contattaci per un preventivo e scopri regole di ingresso e tutele in caso di cancellazione.

Rent a campervan in the United States

Imagine a minivan suitable for sleeping comfortably in it, with a functional kitchen, which costs less than a camper and decorated on the outside by the local writers and artists…well, you’ve just found the perfect means to make the most of your travel in the United States! You can decide whether you want to sleep inside every night or get a hotel or a lodge for some nights. With our campervans you can stop wherever you want between campgrounds, small rest stops in the american national parks and simply live the motto “home is where you park it.” Whether it’s a coast-to-coast trip, a tour of the american national parks, a trip in New England or on the roads of Florida, we assure you that this will be the ideal vehicle for your travel in the United States!

Minimum stay? One-way rental?
The minimum period for your campervan trip in the United States is 3 days. One-way rental (picking up the vehicle in one city and dropping it off in another) is possible upon payment of a special fee.
Pots, towels, accessories and campsites
The price for renting a campervan for your travel in the United States includes cutlery, pots and pans, glasses, kitchen utensils. It also includes bed linen, blankets, pillows and pillowcases, as well as picnic chairs, a detailed roadbook, a CD stereo and aux outlet for mp3 players.
Security deposit and additional drivers
From the moment you pick up your campervan your credit card won’t be charged of anything but a copy of your data will be kept as a guarantee up until the end of your rental period. The price includes unlimited additional drivers. In order to rent these vehicles it’s sufficient to have a B-type driver’s license and at least 21 years of age.

Why rent through Xplore?

Perché siamo un Tour Operator con sede in Italia, ci occupiamo solo di Stati Uniti dal 2002, organizziamo viaggi diversi per ogni tipo di cliente, conosciamo la destinazione che offriamo e siamo in grado di fornire assistenza 24/7 in italiano. Perché la nostra passione per i viaggi ci guida e insieme troveremo la migliore soluzione per il tuo viaggio

Unlimited mileage and total coverage

The estimates you receive include unlimited mileage, vehicle kit (cutlery, pots and pans, glasses, kitchen utensils), personal kit (pillows, linen, blankets), insurance for the vehicle and for third-party (different forms are available, including kasko insurance). Local taxes and drop-off fees are not included and are estimated separately.

Your car driver’s license, pets and assistance

La patente Internazionale è consigliata in alcuni stati ma non è obbligatoria, questo significa che per un viaggio turistico negli Stati Uniti è sufficiente la patente italiana B. Gli animali non sono ammessi sui campervan a noleggio ma potri contare su un servizio di assistenza tecnica/meccanica 24/7

Pick-up and drop-off timetables for campervans

  • All campervans can only be picked up between 1pm and 4pm.
  • All campervans can only be dropped off before 10:30 the day you are supposed to return the vehicle.

Su richiesta è possibile rilasciare il camper al pomeriggio pagando un supplemento, contattaci per maggiori informazioni.


The complete package includes: Primary Liability Coverage, VIP insurance (against theft and damage, no deductibles except for the rooftop, optional), Supplemental Liability Insurance (covers damages to third parties, things and persons, up to 1.000.000 USD).

Driving restrictions

It is not allowed driving the vehicle on roads that are not public or not covered in asphalt, driving to Mexico, and if you are driving in the Death Valley (between May and September) you will not be covered by insurance. It is not allowed driving the vehicle to the Burning Man Festival unless you have a written consent. Minimum age for renting a vehicle is 21. The number of additional drivers is unlimited and free of charge.