Universal Studios in Orlando

Vacation like you mean it!

This is the current slogan of the Universal Studios of Orlando.

The park’s mood is “ride the movies” which means have fun, feel the adrenaline and live you own adventure.

Universal Studios of Orlando is the sixth most attended park of the United States and welcomes every year more than 9 million visitors. Its attractions based on the entertainment industry, especially television and movies.

The park has opened on June 7, 1990 and most of its present attractions were been developed with the actual creators of the films they were based on. Most popular ones are E.T. Adventures, Back to the Future: the ride, Jaws, Man in Black: alien attack, Transformers: the Ride, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter…The list is longer than this because the park features eight themes areas all situated around a lagoon.

As it usually happens in themed parks of this kind, attractions are sometimes closed or replaced with the more contemporary ones.  

The park is a part of Universal Studios Orlando Resort and if you do not want to drive to get the Studios, you can book one of the several hotels around the Resort and experience from the inside the park’s world. Not only during the day but also after the park’s closure there is space for you to enjoy the nightlife at the City Walk, the complex for the entertainment at the Studios with good restaurants, clubs, theatres and drive-in where live performance are held every night.  There is no additional fee to enter City Walk.  You need to just get your ticket for the Park and start enjoying your journey. Speaking of which, do you know how much is for Universal Studios tickets in Orlando? Buying tickets for more days is the best solution for every tourists to save some money. Tickets prices range from 100 to 300 $ for those who decide to stay longer to discover all the attractions of the park! Rent a car with our United States rental service and travel across the country with our well-organized self-drive tour Sunshine Florida.

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