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Tour in the United States

Pick a tour in the USA that fits your needs the best and start exploring America! Do you prefer driving on your own? Pick a car tour in the United States! If you’d rather not drive, you can let our guides handle everything and visit the United States on a bus. Those of you who prefer travelling on two wheels can pick a bike tour, on your own with booked hotels, or in a group, with support for the baggage, guides and a mechanic. 

Self drive tours in the United States

Travelling by car in the United States means not being limited by anything. You can modify the road trip any way you like, adding or cutting stopovers along the way and you can even pick the category of accommodation.

Escorted bus tours in the United States

This sort of tour in the United States is perfect if you prefer not to drive and not to worry about accommodation. All you need to do is relax and look out of the window and our guides will worry about everything else.

Motorcycle tours in the United States

You can live every biker’s dream going full throttle on the most beautiful roads in the world. Choose whether you want to travel by yourself and stay in motels or in a bike tour with a guide in the United States, which includes transport of your baggage and roadside assistance throughout the tour. 

Tour negli Stati Uniti


What’s better than enjoying the road, gripping the handlebars and travelling along the most beautiful and famous roads in the world, in the homeland of road travel, where the roads never end! And when you arrive to your destinations, you won’t even have to worry about the hotels, because they will already be booked.

Bus tours are perfect for those who already drive too much throughout the year or for those who would rather avoid the risks of driving in the United States. You will travel on a Gran Turismo bus, with air conditioning and toilets. Our guides will be at your disposal, both during the drives and while stopping over along the way. Pick with us the kind of hotel and services you’re looking for, with breakfast and dinner of your choice.

If you opt for a bike tour, you get to ride a Harley Davidson in its natural habitat and your handlebar mustache will finally make sense! In addition to Harley, we also offer Indian, BMW, Triumph and Honda. Pick whatever works for you, travel alone or with our guide and a support van.


Everyone has their own preferred way of travelling, the main thing is to enjoy the scenery and the stories that pass by as we travel – century-old trees and residents of a remote town somewhere in Wyoming. The memories of this journey will stay with you forever, and that memory will always keep you coming back.

Self drive tour are more flexible and you can break the journey down with a longer stay in one of the big cities, add a bike tour in the middle, or you can even take a car tour after one on the bus, when you have already become acquainted with the American roads and the language. The roads are well signposted and with the help of GPS units that rental companies offer, you won’t have to worry about anything.

For an Easy Rider trip, you can rent just the bike and stop at the first motel you find, exhausted from the ride. Alternatively, you can plan a few interesting stopovers and enjoy the road without forcing the ride too much. The most convenient solution, however, is travelling with a guide.

Tour negli Stati Uniti


...and perhaps accommodation before/after the tour

Ask us for a free quote for your flight in the United States. If you want to add a city stopover or you want to arrive and depart from two different cities, we have the means to make it happen.

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Rent a dream

Car, bike or camper for your “on the road” experience

Rent the means of transporation that you prefer and get ready to zip along the roads of the United State: let us organize your trip based on your needs!

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Make your trip to the United States special

Train tickets, Disney theme parks, ranches, beach holidays, tours and guided visits in cities: personalize your stay in the United States!

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