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AGGIORNAMENTO: blocco voli dai paesi europei agli USA fino al 15 Aprile. Per informazioni su prenotazioni in corso, contattate i nostri uffici.

Rental in the United States


The convenience of not having to change hotels, of being able to cook your meals and stop wherever you want – only a camper can give you this sort of liberty. Check the available models and capacities, based on your travelling needs.

Car rental in the United States

Rent a car and start your adventure in the United States. Check out the available models, see the prices and take your pick. Ask us for an estimate, no strings attached, and we will send you the exact amount, including taxes, insurance and all the fees. 


Pick your favorite bike and start dreaming. We can advise you on baggage capacity, supplies and any doubt you may have about your journey on two wheels. Bikes can also be rented for a single day. 

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What to drive in the United States

Pick the vehicle that suits you the best, a comfortable convertible for cruising down the Pacific Coast, a minivan for traveling with friends and sharing every turn of the road with them or, if you are traveling with your family, young children, or if you are simply passionate about camping, you can rent a camper in the United States. The USA is one of the best places in the world for those who are passionate about campers; the roads are amazing and there are rest stops everywhere. If you're feeling adventurous, why not have some fun with renting a Harley Davidson in the United States: it will take you across magnificent landscapes with roads that seem to be designed for your wheels alone. If you like campers but wish they were easier to handle, then you should check out our Campervan section! Whatever vehicle you decide to pick, you can always count on our assistance and our travel experience in the United States, both for organizing everything before departure or in case of any problems that need to be solved during your trip. Relax and enjoy the journey, the only thing left to worry about will be the gas!


Are you looking for adventure or would you rather plan your itinerary before you leave? We can help you decide what’s best for you based on the time of the year, the area and your needs: let’s prepare together your itinerary in the United States .
Sometimes the call of the road is so strong, all you want to do is turn the ignition and drive off; but there is some advice that is definitely worth hearing before you start planning your trip to the United States. We can go through a tour together, an adventure tour or a more peaceful one, or perhaps a tour that focuses more thoroughly on your interests, whether it’s special requirements or just a few days of relaxing vacation.
Our knowledge of the field is at your service, we are travellers above anything else and we have travelled all over the United States, with all sorts of transport, and making use of your experience can be very helpful in saving time and making it possible to see what you want to see, even with limited time.



and remember, the sooner you book, the less you pay!

Ask for an estimate that includes a return flight and save money! For your travel to the United States, we can book flights from any european city, internal flights and transfers.

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With car, bus or motorbike

Hundreds of tours by car, bus or on a motorbike for your trip to the United States...and remember that each tour can be modified based on your needs!

Personalized car tours
Rent a motorbike and go!


Check out our tourist guides

Information about all of the United States, details, practical information, photos, maps and useful facts! Are you ready for a taste of the United States?

Discover the American particularities
American national parks special

Check our offer of vehicles you can rent in the United States: a car for more flexible travel, motorcycle for adventurous travel, camper for travel with family and friends and now you can also rent a campervan, which combines the comfort of a camper and the convenience of a car! These are all different means but they are all ideal for enjoying the roads and American national parks, for diving into the splendid nature of these places. Check out the models, see the prices and ask us for an estimate, no strings attached. The roads in the United States are waiting for you!