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Lodging in the United States

We can book for you all kinds of hotels in the United States, from low budget accomodation to the best deluxe and design hotels!

Your hotel in the United States at the lowest possible price

If you are organizing a trip to the United States by yourself and only need a few nights in a hotel or motel, do not heistate to contact our office. Xplore manage and organize not only a complete travel and also the single hotel/motel/lodge bookings in selected cities of the United States and Canada. You will receive a voucher directly via email and you’re ready to go! You can use our wholesalers network to look for a hotel you can’t find as well. Sometimes these establishments change name, stop selling directly to clients or are simply hard to find and you need to know where to book! Some examples include hotels in American national parks and some special facilities, not necessarily luxurious ones, such as budget hotels in Manhattan. Sometimes finding a hotel in a big city is harder than it seems and sometimes, if you trust only the users comments you can find online or if you only take your budget into account, you may book really bad accomodations or hotels and motels in less safe areas of the cities.

If you are looking for a particular sort of accommodation you can discover the famous design hotels in the United States as well as classic establishments from American movies – by this, we obviously mean motels in the United States, or, specifically, the legendary California motels!
If, on the other hand, you need advice on areas outside the city center with a unique and particular vibe, contact us and let’s explore neighborhoods like Brooklyn, the Village and Lower East Side in New York, Wynwood in Miami, Mission in San Francisco, Culver City or Silver Lake in Los Angeles, and many others. Many cities deserve to be explored to the fullest, and even if they don’t count as the most famous ones they can still be an excellent starting point for discovering American culture, although there are always the classic solutions, such as a hotel in San Francisco, Los Angeles or in the Monument Valley.

Contact us and let us know you preferences, we will send you our best rates for any kind of accomodation in the United States at the lowest prices you can find and bookable in just few minutes with credit card. In addition, if you book your hotel through Xplore, you can count on our 24/7 travel assistance in the United States!

So, where do you wanna sleep in the USA? 


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