Travel insurance in the United States

Book your travel insurance in the United States and travel care-free thanks to the experience of Europ Assistance and their professionalism. Our choice of insurance is based on personal experience and the feedback from travellers like yourself, who, over the years, have chosen to trust an insurance company that never lets you down.

Travel safely in the United States

Each booking made through Xplore comes with the basic coverage from Europ Assistance Italia, which includes medical assistance, luggage insurance up to 750 euro and refund or direct payment of medical expenses up to 5.000 euro per person. If you book a trip to the United States with us, even if it is just a flight, you will be covered by Europ Assistance Italia, a sort of protection we wanted to offer to every traveller that uses our services. Travel products are modular and customizable, created in order to meet demands of any particular type of traveller, from “all inclusive” to “DIY” travellers, from families and groups to students and workers.
In addition to the basic formula, you can opt for a supplementary policy and enjoy better coverage, or you can opt for a policy that covers you in case of cancellation before your trip. You can find details on these two Europ Assistance products for all Xplore customers below. fgbfgb See the insurance details


70 Euro per person

Choose the SUPPLEMENTARY INSURANCE by Europ Assistance and increase the insurance coverage to medical costs up to 100.000 euro per person. This policy can be stipulated only as a supplement to a trip booked through XPLORE which already contains the basic Europ Assistance coverage. The premium does not change based on the travel duration and it complements the basic insurance included in the booking, and can only be stipulated for persons who already booked a trip with Xploreamerica.
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Polizza Viaggi Nostop Annullamento


5,5% of the total cost of travel

If you opt for cancellation policy by Europ Assistance you will be able to receive a refund of the cancellation fees in case of a documentable cancellation, up to 7.500 euro per person. The policy covers the insured person and his travel companions but it can only be stipulated within and no later than 24 hours after receiving the booking confirmation. Remember that this policy can be stipulated only by those who have booked a trip through Xploreamerica.
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Negli Stati Uniti in totale sicurezza!

Fully secured in the United States!


(if you have not booked with us)

Non hai prenotato il tuo viaggio negli Stati Uniti con Xplore? Ci dispiace ma comunque Europ Assistance Italia ha il prodotto che fa al caso tuo per garantirti l'assicurazione sanitaria viaggio: la polizza Viaggi Nostop Vacanza. Questa assicurazione può essere stipulata da chiunque ed è una polizza personalizzabile che consente di tutelarsi dagli infortuni che possono incorrere durante il viaggio, dal rimborso spese mediche all'assicurazione sul bagaglio. See the insurance details.

Ti ricordiamo comunque che i prezzi migliori per la tua assicurazione li puoi avere solo prenotando il tuo viaggio negli Stati Uniti con noi!
Con Xplore e Europ Assistance Italia parti in totale sicurezza e potrai contare su una centrale operativa attiva in italiano ogni giorno, 24 ore su 24.
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