Sundance Film Festival

Where talent meets cinema!

One of the most important meeting for directors and emerging talents among the worldwide cinema events.  

We are talking about the Sundance film festival and we are going to tell you what the Sundance festival is.

It is the most anticipated event for independent artists among film festivals. It celebrates and gives the opportunity for emerging artists who would like to work in the cinema industry, to be noticed and appreciated.

At the beginning, the festival was called Utah/United States film festival and held in Salt Lake City. It was born in 1978 to draw the attention of independent producers, directors and screenwriters.

When Robert Redford in 1981 founded the Sundance Institute, the still working nonprofit organization to support emerging talent in the movie industry, the festival has changed its name in Sundance Film Festival and the event has started to be more and more popular among insiders and passionate people.   

Each edition of the Sundance Festival holds on January. It is centered in Park City and has events also in Salt Lake City, Ogden City, and at Redford’ s Sundance Village.

Buying tickets is not so expensive, only 20$ per show, and locals can get them two days ahead of the rest of the world.  Having a seat for a show means having the possibility to stay in the same place with directors and cast members of the movie while they answer spectators’ questions, and that worth more than 20$!

Because of the winter season, attendees are asked to be prepared and well equipped for the cold weather that ranges from 12 to 33 degrees F in January. Heavy snowfalls are not unusual, with an average of approximately 30 inches in and out the city. Bring with you wool hat and gloves and travel through the stunning landscape of our Xplore escorted bus tour on the western trails of the United States.

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