San Diego Comic Con

The comics and fantasy world fair from 1970

Are you a comic-addicted? Once in your life, give you the opportunity to be in your dreamy place: the San Diego Comic Con in California.

San Diego Comic Con is the yearly event that celebrates the contribution of comics to art and culture. From the first one-day “minicon” in 1970, the Comic Con International has become the most important of this kind celebration in the world. The first edition drew about one hundred people and today, after almost 50 years, San Diego welcomes more than 130 thousands people to its conventions and events about the comics and fantasy world.

In the minds of its founders, Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, and Richard Al, the main purpose of the San Diego Comic, should have been increasing the awareness on the comics as a narrative genre, including not only books but also other aspects of the popular arts that they felt deserved wider recognition such as films and science fiction/fantasy literature.

Today the Comic-Con International, this is the official name, has become a nonprofit educational organization  dedicated to popular arts, promoting their values through conventions, workshops, exhibits, shows and with the presence of special guest stars.

If you want to be part of this special amazing yearly appointment with comics, you need to take a plan and fly to California. Once you will be there, you can rent a car or a motorcycle with Xplore United States rental service and start living your Californian vacations.

The only proper question is when San Diego Comic Con is. This international event, well known all over the world, is usually held in July every yea,r while the summer weather is very warm in the city. Book your self-drive tour discovering the best of the West in California with a special stop in San Diego, the city where the Mexican influence is strong enough to create a unique melted culture. Feel the vibes of the city and drive along the Pacific shores in every time of the year.  

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