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The Northwest in Westfalia

Choose a truly different on the road experience and explore the magnificent Pacific Northwest in a legendary VW Westfalia!

Are you ready to drive a Legend?

If you are reading this, then you’ve probably dreamt, at least once, of driving the cult VW Westfalia across the magnificent American landscapes...Are we right or what? Now, with Xplore, you can make this dream come true: we can rent the legendary Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon for your trip through the natural wonders of the American Northwest. This region, which includes vibrant cities like Seattle and Portland and some breathtaking parks such as the Olympic National Park, is one of the most beautiful regions in the United States and it is perfect for a tour offside the beaten track. The convenience of these camper vans is already legendary. You can sleep and cook and be completely independent in a Westfalia, whether we’re talking about a single night of camping or an actual Into the Wild experience! The vans are the famous T3 models from the ‘80s, completely overhauled, straight out of repair and assistance center that specializes in these particular models. Youmay not enjoy all the comfort of the modern means of transportation but they will give you the pleasure of zipping across some of the most beautiful American regions in a vehicle that is an absolute cult. 

Hurry availability!

As you can probably guess, the number of these vehicles is highly limited and we recommend you book one several months ahead. Tell us when and where you want to travel and ask us for a free estimate. We will send you all the necessary information.

These being quite special vehicles, there are certain restrictions related to them: the rental needs to start and end in Seattle, the mileage is limited (not too limited but you won’t be able to take it coast to coast) and zero-deductible insurance is not available. Book your Westfalia in the USA through us and you can count on our assistance and experience both for the drive, flights and hotels before and after your rental.

Thick rainforests, crystal-clear lakes, majestic cascades, fjords, hundreds of islands, cosmopolitan and progressive cities, snowy mountains, volcanos and the most beautiful part of the Pacific coast in the USA…forget about renting out a plain old sedan and booking a hotel – are you ready for some real adventure in the heart of the Pacific Northwest

The vehicles offer all the comfort of the modern minivans but they also come with a vintage appeal and spirit. The kitchenette is fully equipped, and so are the sofa-bed system and the pop-up rooftop. The motor is fully overhauled and ready for your adventure in the American Northwest. For any information, question or problem, you will have an emergency number you can use, with staff ready to answer and help right away.

There are all sorts of rental companies when it comes to Westfalia, but with Xplore you can count on the best quality vehicles and superior assistance, two factors that are very important for renting a vintage campervan such as VW Westfalia.

Get ready to be recognized and stopped by the large Westfalia community cruising around the USA: there are many of them and they will always greet you and try to get to know you, if you’re up for it. This is because VW Westfalia is more than just a vehicle, it’s a true legend and today, thanks to Xploreamerica, you get to rent it in one of the prettiest regions in the USA, between Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and their amazing neighbour, Canada!

Ideal for families, couples or friends

Contact us for a free estimate or for any additional information. Make your trip in the United States even more unique. An on the road experience in Westfalia is something that everyone should do at least once!

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