New York: here we come!

Here some of the countless things to do in the Big Apple

Lots of people usually wondering what the best things to do in New York are.    

The Big Apple, the most iconic city in the world, will not leave its tourists disappointed. Whether you travel to New York for the first time or you are an addicted city lover, there are many and many things to see in NY.

We have collected the best tour experiences in this short list to make you feel the atmosphere of the most famous city in the world. Here are the most appreciated spots, places to visit, attraction to admire in New York by visitors.

Statue of Liberty

You must see, first of all, the symbol of NY: book a boat trip and go straight to the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty is the monument to freedom opened in 1886. It welcomes tourists to Liberty Island on the Hudson River in Manhattan. Did you know that the real name of the monument is Liberty Enlightening the World? A good wish for hope, freedom and democracy!

Empire State Building

Try to imagine the New York’s skyline without the Empire State Building…that’s unthinkable! Empire State Building is the hearth of Manhattan, one of the most crowded attraction in New York at 1,454-foot-tall, taking only 11 months to build. View from above on the city lights will let you breathless.

Brooklyn Bridge

From Manhattan to the Brooklyn district where the most known bridge of the United States dominates. Opened in 1883, it was at the time, the first suspended bridge ever built. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge walking through the crowds on the pedestrian walkway and enjoy the city landscape.

Central Park

Are you looking for a green area? In Central Park, you will get involved in a fairy-tale park as Alice in Wonderland. Speaking of that, go to find where the monument to the Louis Carrol’s main character stands. You will be in front of a nice scene of Alice surrounded by the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. Go through the countless paths of the park and lie down on the grass.   

These are just few things that New York offers to them who go to visit it. The list is longer than this. Get in touch with our Xplore team, we will make you live the best self-drive tour to the United States and New York of your life.  

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