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A Navajo experience

Sleep one night in a traditional Navajo House in the stunning Monument Valley

Treat yourself to a night in a Navajo Hogan

Monument Valley, on the border between Utah and Arizona, is a unique and amazing location, by far one of the landscapes that will stay with you the most among those visited on your trip in the Western United States. Xplore offers you the opportunity to make this experience even more sensational and unforgettable with a night’s sleep in a Hogan, the Navajo people’s traditional dwelling. This is an original structures which the Navajo American Native Indians use for themselves, ceremonies or to rent to tourists who wish to try a unrivalled experience! It has a primitive style, yet it offers all basic comforts, its wooden walls are plastered in clay for thermal insulation, which makes it fresh in the summer and warm in the winter thanks to a stove placed in the middle of the dwelling. 


One of those add-ons which alone is worth the trip.

A Hogan is a large one-bedroom home, where to sleep and relax, which can receive up to 8-10 people simultaneously (yours, though, will be a private one). Inside, its dirt floor will instantly remind you of that primal connection with mother earth, which is paired by tables, a few chairs and one or more beds. Naturally, the furniture is simple but clean and neat. True, the bathroom is outside but right next to it, and hey that short stroll under the stars in Monument Valley is unbeatable! Where do you find a Hogan? Simple, right in the heart of Monument Valley, in areas you can access only by having a reservation. This will allow you to be off the grid and away from the masses of tourists that pour out in the hotels nearby. You can treat yourself to deafening silence and enjoy the breathtaking dawn and dusk, set off by Monument Valley’s sandstone monoliths raising in the background. If you are not scared off by the presence of a small insect and the absence of television, spending a night in a Hogan is your thing – and one way to reconcile with nature!

Juniper tree trunks, clay and clumps of earth... A Hogan is a very simple dwelling built by the Navajo, a local native American semi-nomadic people who have always built solid houses. Other tribes such as the Sioux have a more nomadic nature and their dwellings mostly consisted of Tepees, the classic native American tents. Nowadays, all the descendant tribes live in modern housing, but Hogans are still used for ceremonies, guests or special events, today. They are all original structures and they are not expressly built for tourists. Sleeping in one of these dwellings is no doubt a unique experience, a plus to add to your road trip in the United States.

Contact us for a quotation and more information. Rates are moderate, yet availability is limited (there are not very many structures), therefore we advise you to book in time if you want to find a Hogan... and to have better rates, especially if you want to travel in summer’s peak season.

Get ready to wake up, walk out your Hogan’s doorway and savour every minute of the marvellous dawn with Monument Valley in the background!


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