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Nature getaway

Turn off your smartphone, enjoy silent nature and reclaim your space. Set aside some quality time just for yourself and your travel companion, remember the important things in life

Disconnect and Recharge

Even traveling can be stressing, especially when there is so much to see, like it’s usually the case in trips across the United States. How many times have you dreamed of putting up a tent for the night and just watching the stars while marshmallows melt over the fire? With GETAWAY, all this is possible, in the comfort of a single house! This is not Glamping or some 5-star establishment – to stay in a cabin you will have to be able to adapt and to be passionate about nature, but it’s definitely worth it.

The kitchen is fully equipped, you can cook a full dinner or make a true American BBQ using charcoal that is already provided. Whether you’re looking for a romantic moment or some fun with your friends around the campfire, this sort of accommodation will do it for you…and the firewood is already chopped! Inside the house, the smell of wood will keep you company and it will help you relax. You can enjoy the view of nature thanks to the giant windows, the covers will keep you warm and the solar panel will heat the water for a long shower after a nice walk in the woods. 

Small cabins in the woods

The cost for the night is low, which makes the cabins very sought-after, especially among the residents of Boston and New York. In fact, the cabins are in secret locations (that will be disclosed to you only a week before your arrival!) approximately two hours’ drive north of Boston and New York. The cabins are moved to assure you privacy and to guarantee that the location is ideal for you.

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be some God forsaken place and each cabin has a landline you can use for any sort of emergency. To make the best of this kind of accommodation, it is recommended to arrive in the early afternoon, which will give you enough time to explore the area on foot, to enjoy nature and perhaps do some shopping in one of the grocery stores which you can easily reach by car in less than 10 minutes. In any case, food and snacks will be available in the cabin, upon payment.

GETAWAY is designed for those who enjoy sleeping outside, those who love nature or simply need a break. 

Spending time in a forest is definitely a regenerating thing, both for the body and for the mind! Walking among the trees, discovering new paths and hidden areas – these are the activities that incite our brain in a positive way and while we are having fun and learning to deal with the balance we become calmer and more serene. This sort of GETAWAY was created as an answer to the stressful life in New York and Boston, cities where turning off your cell phone or not being available 24/7 has become really hard. In fact, the cabins all have a small padlocked box where you’re supposed to leave your cell phones during your stay. Even if you’re not a stressed-out Wall Street broker, don’t worry – you can still enjoy nature and the unique design of these cabins, even for just one night during your travel in the North-East of the United States.

You can use the time to update your travel diary, to organize photos or simply read a book.
The places where the cabins are located are gorgeous, all of them, and, whatever the season, you will be able to admire the colors of nature, roam around the nearby lakes or go pick up some cheese from a nearby farm!

Perfect for nature lovers

Contact us for a free estimate or any sort of additional information. Make your trip to the United States even more special. Sleeping in a wooden house in the middle of an American forest  will be a unique adventure!

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