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National Parks lodging

Sleep comfortably inside American National Parks, immersed in nature

Experience the best of American National Parks

Lodges located within the United States national parks are generally eco-compatible buildings, located within the confines of the park, which means you can forget about your car and start exploring various paths and trails directly from your room. These are not some blot on the landscape, but beautiful wooden lodges encompassing more or less luxurious services, depending on the category, but the basics are always guaranteed. The choice lies between “cabin” rooms or regular rooms. Generally, cabin rooms are more Spartan, so to speak, and regardless of the price some of them don’t even have television or air conditioning, but fortunately many of these lodges are located in mountain areas so you won’t even need AC. Life in a lodge is all about the park where it’s located, so the working hours are adapted to the sun cycle. The common practice is to have a very early dinner, as soon as the sun goes down, and to go to bed pretty early too, ready for hiking at the break of dawn, when the animals start waking up and go to drink water. Check the rangers’ offices for programs or consult us to find out the best way to organize your stay. 


All the magic of the parks just two steps away from your room

When the sun goes down, the nature goes back to being impenetrable, the stars turn on and nocturnal animals leave their lairs.
If you want to enjoy these moments to the fullest, if you want to see a sunset in all its serenity and explore national parks in the United States even better, at the first light of dawn, when animals wake up and head to the water, you have two options: sleep in a tent or book a night in one of the lodges in American national parks.

It’s a unique experience that pays off and even though prices range from medium to high, the availability is very limited. In some parks, such as Yellowstone, you have to book one year ahead. The lodges are small and the number of rooms does not meet up the demand.
The reason for keeping the number of visitors so low in these gems around the United States lies in the need to keep nature intact as much as possible, so that we can enjoy it more. 

Each national park in the United States has one or more hotels and lodges, so you can choose one depending on your budget and your preferences, but these are all excellent choices: in addition to being able to stay in the park after sunset, avoiding long lines of tourists, you will have the advantage of starting your exploration right at dawn.

You will also be very close to the rangers’ offices, which you can use to get information or plan excursions. In addition to the famous Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone, located just in front of the tallest geyser, there are also Ahwahnee Lodge (which you were able to see in the movie Shining…), Cedar Lodge, Yosemite View Lodge, and the magnificent Tenaya Lodge, all of which are located in Yosemite National Park.

Then there is the Glacier Park Lodge, basically the only place you can stay at to visit Glacier Park in Montana more thoroughly, the Bryce View Lodge in front of the entrance of Bryce Canyon, and many others. 

Discover the american National Parks

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