Napa Valley

The best reasons to visit the wine country in California


This is a virtual trip in Napa Valley, but we are already feeling the scent of the wine’s must in the air.

Napa Valley is the best place for you to stay and escape from the daily routine.

This is California’s premier wine country and it is famous for its prized Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. In the fertile soils of Napa Valley there are more than 400 wineries that put this region and its wines on the list of the best wine producers in the world.

About one hour far from San Francisco you will discover Napa city, a special place where fine wines are served with tasty food made by star chefs in top-rated restaurants. Not only wine here but also museums like the unusual di Rosa Centre for Contemporary Art, roads for shopping, wellness and spa centres and local attractions such as Jack London Historic State Park and Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Napa Valley is not just for wine aficionado but also for beginners: in wine tours you will be helped in tasting from experts who make you comfortable with your wineries experience.

You will enjoy special wine tours in the most well-known wineries like the Robert Mondavi ones where you can sip the delectable Merlot.

Visiting Napa Valley by train means having special arranged time exploring the land, enjoying breathtaking views, tasting piping hot food on board with the perfect wine pairings. All you have to do is buy the tickets for the famed Napa Valley Wine Train, a staple for tourists since the 1980s. There are several different tours on board and you can choose the best for you. Some of them have a stop at Castello di Amorosa. All the Napa Valley reminds visitors the Tuscany hills and countryside and also the style of this unique castle is typically Tuscan. Discovering the castle will be your step into medieval History.

Tourists can also take a view of the splendid Napa Valley nature and its lavish estates from above, with a hot air balloon ride or enjoying the several air sports the country offers to give to the visitors a hint of adventure during their trip.

How can you do to get Napa Valley? Easy, ask us to customize your motorcycle tours in the Southwest of the United States with a stop to the “wine valley” and start living your Californian dream. 

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