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Mexico and Caribbean escapes

What’s better after a great trip on the road in the United States than a week in the Caribbean or Mexican sun?

The best relax after a tour in the United States!

After a long tour in the United States, what could be better than a few days of pure relaxation lying on the beach of your dreams in front of crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea? In just a few hours’ flight you too can taste the magical atmosphere of the Riviera Maya or sit underneath a palm tree with a cocktail in your hand and admire the view of a breathtaking cove on one of the magnificent Caribbean islands! Get ready to soak in the warm and clear waters in which you can see fish of all possible colors…and for the more athletic types, there are all sorts of activities: from scuba diving to windsurf and kitesurf, not to mention fishing and sailing. 


Paradise for relaxing and having fun

United States offer miles and miles of amazing coastline with breathtaking view and infinite beaches, but if you’re looking for blue and welcoming sea, then you need to add an extra stop-over in one of the Caribbean islands or somewhere along the Mexican coast. All you need to do is spend a few days on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in order to get well-deserved rest after the excitement of a long car or bus tour in the United States. From Los Angeles, New York or Miami you can quickly reach a tropical paradise that will make you forget any other beach and sea you have seen!

Contact our office for information, we have solutions for any budget and taste: from 5-star resorts to all-inclusive hotels and family-owned B&Bs, from villages with plenty of things to do to villas facing the beach. Here at Xploreamerica we can book anything: flights, transfers, sports activities, and for the most romantic ones – a beach wedding!

Possible seaside destinations outside the United States are numerous, and we can easily suggest the ones that fit your budget and your preferences the best.If you are looking for a sea from your dreams, but you want to make sure not to exceed your budget, we can offer the best resorts in Santo Domingo, and if you’re looking for something more exclusive, you can try Antigua or Turks and Caucos. If you are interested in combining the beach life with a few archeological excursions, the best destinations are Playa del Carmen and Tulum, in Mexico, and when it comes to the night life, nothing even comes close to the Bahamas.

The Caribbean is perfect in every season, the only period when you can maybe risk some bad weather is between late August and early October. But fortunately there is a cure for everything: if your travel happens to take place precisely in that period, you can go to Aruba, another dream island which, thanks to its unique geographic position, guarantees sunshine throughout the year!

In addition to the Caribbean, don’t forget that with Xplore you can book your seaside vacation even in the American (and gorgeous) Hawaii and Florida, or perhaps the coast of California!

Seaside vacation after a USA tour

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