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Glamping...camping in style

A combination of glamour and camping, a perfect and stylish solution

A special night in the National Parks

Glamping in the United States with Xploreamerica! Ever dreamed of sleeping in an American national park underneath a roof made of stars but you still prefer sleeping warmly and away from usual camping accidents?
Say no more – now you can choose to book a stay in a luxury campsite, in fantastic locations inside national parks in the United States with tents that are already set, warmed up and have full hygienic services. Clearly you can also eat and ask for lunch in bag, immersed in nature but enjoying the comfort of a hotel. Glamping in the United States is available in all major national parks and in special locations tucked in nature, giving you the possibility of appreciating from up close the marvels of nature without giving up comfort, and in full security. 


Five-star camping

Have you always dreamed of an adventurous vacation but you’re worried about logistics? The solution you’re looking for is glamping – basically it means enjoying the benefits of sleeping in nature without having to worry about the cold, insects or other, more dangerous animals.
Depending on your budget, you will find rooms with proper beds, tents with full comfort, including reclaimed ground which means keeping the pesky or even dangerous animals away. Your only job will be to unpack your bags, take some photos and fall asleep to the sounds of the night with wild nature outside and full luxury inside. Locations are always very pretty and situated within national parks in the United States. You can stay in Moab close to the Arches National Park, in Yellowstone, Sequoia National Park, or you can explore Texas or wake up to the sea breeze in Big Sur National Park in California.
What are you waiting for? Contact us and consider the idea of spending a night or two in places and accommodations that are definitely different from usual!

The price is, naturally, a bit higher compared to classic camping but it can still be affordable, depending on whether you pick a full comfort room (usually a Suite) or a TeePee room with several beds and a bathroom outside. If you are travelling with children, they will definitely have an amazing memory from this trip and you will still be able to sleep peacefully.

Glamping also includes breakfast, which is definitely convenient, since you can’t exactly travel with a tiny oven and do all your grocery shopping along the road.
Possibilities in the United States are definitely numerous. Ask us where you can add some stop-overs  and get ready for a truly unique experience.

If you are unsure, we can even add a single night, and you can spend the next night in a hotel and enjoy some full comfort before moving on with your “on the road” experience in America.
Check-in times are different from those in a hotel, so you will need to arrive before sunset in order to enjoy the view, and the sun will take care of waking you up!

Camping in the USA, with style

Contact us for a free estimate or just for some additional information. Make your trip to the United States even more special!

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