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Sea and Beaches

Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii, but also Florida and California! Pick among the destinations offered by Xplore and treat yourself to a few days on the beach after a tour in the United States. Destinations are diverse but they are all perfect for relaxing in the sun. Are you ready to take a dive?

Sea and Beaches Map

Who said sea?

What would a vacation in the United States be without a little downtime in the sun before heading back home? It would still be great but a bit incomplete, which is why Xplore suggests some of the best seaside destinations to choose from after your trip on the American roads.

Just want to relax? Interested in an affordable solution? Or do you prefer combining beach with sports and adventure in some wild place? Let us know what your needs are and Xplore will prepare an estimate that will also include this well-deserved paradise rest after the “exhausting” trip!

The Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Bahamas, Florida or California…the hardest job you’ll have is to pick one!

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Beaches, nightlife, music, great cuisine and Caraibbean rhythms

Nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” Florida is, without any doubt, the most famous seaside destination in the United States, ideal as a summer extension at the end of your tour, or for an entire holiday. In this subtropical paradise of the United States you will find some gorgeous beaches, Art Decò masterpieces, natural parks where alligators live in their natural habitat, all the magic of Walt Disney world and excellent hotels at reasonable prices.
If the sea and some nightlife are the main goal of your vacation, then, without any doubt, we recommend Miami Beach with its endless beaches: we are sure you will not be disappointed. If, on the other hand, you want the sea but you prefer to relax, you can pick a different destination, such as the Keys islands or the western part of Florida with Marco Island, Clearwater beach and the marvellous Caladesi Island. We also recommend beaches north of Miami, such as Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Cocoa Beach…these are similar to those in Miami Beach, but without the crowds that are typical of that city.
Even though it has some of the best beaches in the United States, note that in Florida there are no perfect beaches with as crystal-clear water as in the Caribbean or the Maldives – it is a great seaside destination (and not only that) but don’t expect some Polynesian-type shores!
The weather is good all year round but the driest and the most pleasant season is between November and March. In the summer the weather is humid, often rainy but warmer. Beware of September, the month historically known for the highest risk of hurricanes!

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California Coast

Ocean, waves, oceanside roads, big cities and laid-back towns

Only mentioning California instantly evokes beaches, surfers and Baywatch-style lifeguards! Obviously, that is not all there is to California, one of the most beautiful states in the entire United States, which, in addition to beaches, also has beautiful cities, desert landscapes, hills, vineyards and centenarian redwood forests. Still, coastal California is marvellous and for those who are looking to spend some time on the beach at the end of the trip this could be a great choice.
When it comes to classic beaches, the zone that we should recommend the most is the one stretching from San Diego all the way to Santa Barbara.
In San Diego, you will find some famous beach communities like Mission and Pacific Beach, Coronado and La Jolla. A bit more to the north you will find famous beaches like Encinitas and Oceanside, all the way to Laguna Beach and Crystal Cove. In Los Angeles, you can pick between Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and the colourful Venice Beach, all of which are very popular and crowded.
If you continue northward, you will enter the area of private beaches in Malobu and Topanga Beach, until you reach the biggest and the most peaceful of all – Santa Barbara.
From this point on the scenery changes and big beaches, like those in Pismo Beach or Morro Bay, are replaced by smaller but still gorgeous ones, all the way to Big Sur and Monterey. In Santa Cruz you will find the last big beach before San Francisco. North of San Francisco there are still some beautiful coves and coastal areas but the temperatures often make swimming quite difficult.
Remember, don’t expect any Caribbean beaches in California – these are great choices for a few days of relaxation near the ocean, just don’t get your hopes up too high!



Are you ready? The paradise in the middle of the Pacific awaits you

More than 3000km from the continental United States lies one of the absolute exotic paradises: Hawaii.
We have to make it clear that Hawaii isles are splendid but it is not a place where you can find luxurious resorts and bungalows overlooking a Polynesian-looking sea. Hawaii islands offer a marvellous scenery where you will be able to engage in thousands of exciting activities: trekking on the volcano, whale-watching, horseback riding, quad tours, walking through luxuriant forests and surfing the famous waves. These islands are different from one and another and they are great precisely for the things you can do there. The sea is one of the things, but it wouldn’t make sense coming all the way here just to spend entire days on the beach.
Every island has its own characteristics. Pick Oahu (Honolulu/Waikiki) if you are interested in surfing on the beaches on the north, or in the city and nightlife. Pick Maui for the best beaches and various activitities, Kauai for luxurious nature and numerous excursions or Big Island for the breath-taking experience of a volcano in continuous eruption. Lanai and Molokai are the smallest and the wildest of the islands, ideal for those who want to get away and really relax.
If you can spend a week in Hawaii, we recommend visiting two of the islands. If you have more time, then three or more islands would be great. We can book cheap local flights to help you get from one island to the other, and for getting around individual islands we recommend renting a car.
When to go? Basically, any time of the year – the weather is always good!



Easily reachable and with magnificent sea

Over 700 islands (only 30 of which are inhabited) above the Tropic of Cancer are waiting for you with their crystal-clear sea, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and magical sea bottom. Be careful when choosing which island to visit, though, because they are all different and precisely because of that, they offer different vacation opportunities.
The main and the most popular islands for tourism are located just a half-an-hour flight from Miami. Those are Grand Bahama and New Providence. Here, in addition to the sea, you will find many tourists, huge hotels, casinos, shows and entertainment. If, on the other hand, you are looking to escape the crowds and to relax on a white sandy beach with the sea that looks like a postcard, then try to reach some of the other islands among the Bahamas archipelago.
Andros, Abaco Islands, Berry Island, Eleuthera and Harbor Island, Cat Island, Exuma Island, Long Island, Crooked Island, Mayaguana and Inagua are less inhabited and frequented islands of the Bahamas.
If you like a laid-back atmosphere and a breath-taking sea view, then we recommend Eleuthera, Harbour Island and Exuma Island - you will not be disappointed.
Bahamas are definitely a great choice for a seaside visit of the States, considering it is easily reachable from Miami, not too expensive if you book in advance, has marvellous sea and its numerous islands manage to meet everyone’s vacation preferences and tastes.


The Caribbean

Give yourself a trip to the islands with the most beautiful sea in the world

This is definitely one of the most desired destinations in the world when it comes to enjoying beaches and magnificent sea, but which island to pick?
The Caribbean group of islands is made of hundreds of them, each one with some typical traits that make it unique. Some of the islands are easy to reach, more affordable and more touristic, while others are smaller, more exclusive and with more expensive hotels and accommodation. The Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico belong to the first category. They are ideal for younger travellers looking for splendid sea but also some entertainment.
Turks and Caicos and Saint Kitts and Nevis are ideal for couples looking to excape the crowds and just relax on the beach. When it comes to the British Virgin Islands, we recommend Tortola, St. John and Santa Lucia, which have some of the most exclusive hotels in the entire Caribbean.
Then there are the gorgeous islands of St. Barthelemy, Barbuda, Grenadines (where Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed), Antigua, St. Martin, Anguilla and Aruba: white sandy beaches, magnificent sea and guaranteed relaxation!
Picking one of the Caribbean islands for a few days on the beach after a trip in the United States is a perfect way to complete your voyage. Pick an island or ask the Xplore staff for recommendations based on your preferences. We are willing to bet you won’t be disappointed. Furthermore, there is more to the Caribbean than beaches: there is a mix of music, catchy rhythms and food, result of the contamination of races and ethnicities that live in this region.
Cuba deserves a special mention. This magnificent island with a rich history is still tricky to reach from the United States due to the known political reasons. To get there, you need to go through Mexico or one of the Central-American countries.
The situation is, however, changing and thawing of relations will soon lead to the first direct flights between USA and Cuba.



Gorgeous sea, temples, forests and traditions

Relaxing on the white beaches of Riviera Maya in Mexico could be one of the best ways to complete your trip in the United States. Palm trees, turquoise waters, rich sea bottom with corals and tropical fish that awaits you!
A large portion of tourists going to summer vacation in Mexico chooses precisely the Riviera Maya, a zone in Yucatan that faces the beautiful Caribbean Sea, from Cancun to Chetumal where the shore is gorgeous and accommodation is abundant and suitable for every taste and budget.
Cancun and Playa del Carmen are the elite beaches with the most hotels and tourists, Tulum has a coral reef and Maya ruins above the sea that will leave you breathless. Let’s not forget the beautiful Isla Mujeres and its idyllic beaches, located just across from Cancun.
Another preferred touristic region for vacation is Baja California (Lower California) which is located in the Northwestern Mexico, just below California. There you will find Santa Maria beach near Cabo San Lucas, which is ideal for families and kids.
Surfers and wave enthusiasts should also visit famous Zipolite beach not far from Puerto Escondido, in the Oaxaca state. Here you will witness some incredible sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, but look out for the currents, which are very strong in this area and potentially dangerous even for the most experienced surfers.
In general, Mexico is an excellent choice if you want to experience the mix of the sea, relaxation and culture at the end of your trip in the United States. Unlike other suggestions we made, here you will find not just some great beaches but also an entire country, full of contrasts and with a rich history that we recommend you explore, if you have enough time.