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Music Festivals

Combine a tour in the United States with one of the many famous music festivals but remember to get your ticket on time, as many of them are sold out months ahead! In the desert, in big cities, among canyons, in the forest…enjoy a festival in the United States and contact us regarding flights, car rental and hotel bookings!

Mappa Festival


It’s an increasingly popular practice to combine a trip to the United States with one of the many music festivals scattered across the country. It’s important to get your tickets on time and later on Xplore will help you organize the entire trip, including flights, transfers and vehicle rental.

Whether it’s in a big city, in a forest or in a park somewhere out West, in a desert or a travelling festival...we are sure that the experience of a festival in the United States will make your trip unforgettable.

Check out the official festival websites and start thinking about it. Wanna bet you won’t regret it?

Once upon a time there was a festival called Woodstock

Austin City Limit

Are you ready to make some noooooooise?

Welcome to the Austin City Limits festival, or, as they call it around here, the ACL festival!
We wholeheartedly recommend this event – it is a great festival, taking place in Zilker Park in Austin, a wonderful and dynamic city in Texas.
The festival takes place during the first two weekends in October and so far its stages have seen some huge rock acts like Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Strokes, Pearl Jam, The Cure, RHCP, Black Keys, Coldplay, Muse, as well as other excellent musicians and world-famous DJs.
The festival has five stages, numerous stands where you can try some excellent beer and Tex-Mex delicacies, as well as a free app that will keep you updated regarding timetables, news and program changes.
This is an eclectic, young festival in the Austin municipal park and the city itself is really interesting and in continuous growth. We recommend you rent a bike so that you can quickly and easily navigate the park and its surroundings, as well as the city center. Don’t forget to check out local magazines and websites to keep informed about the parties that take place during the festival in the bars across the city, famous across the United States for its live music!
If you want to combine a car tour of the States with the ACL Music Festival, all you have to do is buy the tickets through their official website, and Xplore will take care of the rest!


South by Southwest (SXSW)

Magnificent festival in New York of the South

Since 1987, Austin, which seems to be a favorite city for festivals, has been hosting South by Southwest, a festival dedicated to music, cinema and media, taking place every year in March.
Started as a simple event created by Roland Swenson of The Austin Chronicle with the purpose of promoting local musicians, the SXSW festival has grown steadily over the years, from 700 attendees in the first year to the 51000 people that attended the latest edition.
If you want to participate in an event of such scale, you better be prepared and get your tickets early! During the eleven days of the festival, over 2000 artists flow into the streets of this Texas city to showcase their work to the large audience hoping to become famous.
Did you know that the English singer James Blunt was discovered right here at SXSW back in 2004? The music is definitely the most acclaimed part of South by Southwest, as today it features even some huge names of the American music panorama, such as Kanye West, Lady Gaga and the Boss – Bruce Springsteen. However, cinema fans and workers won’t be disappointed either thanks to a wide array of conferences and encounters with directors and actors who often choose to premiere their work right here. Jon Favreau, Seth McFarlane, Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey and Danny Boyle are just some of the big cinema names that have appeared at SXSW.
Finally, the name of the festival is inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece North by Northwest, with a twist suggesting that, after all, we are in Deep South here!


Ultra Music Festival

Simply the greatest electronic music festival in the world

UMF – these three letters encompass the entire electronic panorama in the world. Ultra – as in the line-up and the show that you simply have to attend.
Music – as in captivating electronic music and internationally renowned DJs. Festival – as in an event that gathers people from all over the world who want to experience pure energy that only the biggest parties can provide. Three days of absolute pleasure for the lovers of House music and partying in general.
Ultra Music Festival takes place at the psychedelic Miami Beach that, for that occasion, transforms into a suggestive scene of lights and beats, not disappointing dozens of thousands of people gathered to admire it.
Immersed in a scenery made of skyscrapers and beaches, the colours and the energy of this festival give the city a breath-taking quality. Even though not officially the capital of Florida, Miami confirms its identity as a city that pays attention to the music trends as artistic avant-garde.
At the precise same time, the city also hosts Winter music Conference, that makes Miami a sovereign capital of electronic music and everyone that calls themselves a clubber.
March is the best time to visit Florida anyway, it’s basically summer there and perhaps after the festival you will want to find a nice beach to relax a bit.
Whether you are a true clubber, a technician or you’re simply curious, contact us for arrangements for the festival and…for the hangover.



Glamour & music hand in hand in Southern California

In California, some 30 miles from Palm Springs, in Mojave Desert, there is a festival that without any doubt can be described as the most glamorous in the United States. Effortlessly elegant and sophisticatedly exhilarating, it is a rich and multifaceted mix of styles that are always loyal to one and only absolute rule: to be cool!\
n If you are curious to experience an event that encompasses great music and style, you definitely have to be there. In the shadow of a giant ferris wheel that hides the Palm Springs villas, you will find everyone, not just boys and girls but also models, bloggers and everyone “who’s anyone,” ready to discover new trends.
The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, with its ultimate fun and sophisticated and refined allure, calls you in the spring, a season that inevitably manages to instil new energy, for not one but two weekends in April.
If you are primarily a music fan, do not be deterred by the “bling”, since big budgets invested by important sponsors guarantee a lineup that is absolutely worthy and comparable to all the best festivals in the world. Obviously, as all trendy things, this festival is very sought-after and is quickly sold out, so if you don’t want to miss out on it, here is a piece of advice: you have to move fast not only to get a ticket but also to prepare the wardrobe!
Contact us for the flight, the car and any other service.


Governors Ball

New York in June – ‘nuff said...

The first time you have the pleasure of walking the streets of this city, you get a feeling you have already been there and you feel like an actor in one of those movies you have, until then, only seen on the silver screen. Upon a closer look, you realize that you are fortunate enough to participate in an absolute phenomenon, the one of being in the US city with the highest concentration of people from all over the world. It is a true crossroads of styles and cultures united to give birth to future fashion and myth. Where are you? In New York, of course!
We are between Manhattan and Queens now, where, during a weekend in June, one of the biggest American festivals takes place. Variegated and multi-faceted, the Governors Ball Music Festival encompasses different musical styles that won’t leave anyone disappointed. Indie rock, hip-hop, electronic music and world-famous performers are a delicious feast even for the most demanding palate.
Entertainment is guaranteed and in Randall’s Island Park you will be able to find various gadgets and a “little” something to eat as well. From fresh fruit smoothies to classic burgers and tacos, from sweets to pasta, from delicious meat and fish sandwiches to sushi – and many of these come in the vegetarian or gluten-free version.
All you have to do is make a wish, an between the music and the food you won’t miss a thing, so what are you waiting for?
If you want to participate in this beautiful experience, contact us and we will even pick a means of transportation which you will use to reach the park.



A really good time in Tennessee!

Described by the Rolling Stone magazine as “one of the 50 moments that have changed the history of rock & roll,” the Bonaroo Music and Arts Festival is a four-day musical and performance event that takes place every year in June in Manchester, Tennessee.
The name of the festival derives from the Creole word “bonnaroo,” which in English means “a really good time,” and was chosen by the founders as an homage to the musical tradition of New Orleans, the city where they went to college. One of the things that makes this festival stand out among the others is that there isn’t one single stage, but several where the artists perform from the noon until four, or later, in the morning.
All this is possible thanks to the continuous expansion of the great Stage Park, a rural area of approximately 650 acres, which the organizers bought and dedicated entirely to Bonnaroo.
Music genres span from indie, folk and classic rock to jazz, reggae and country, from gospel to pop and from bluegrass to electronica. Some of the names that have helped the festival grow include The White Stripes, Dave Matthews Band, Metallica, James Brown, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many others…Bonnaroo also offers alternative activities, such as cinema pavilions, theatre and silent disco, as well as arts and crafts.
Don’t wait any longer, give us a call…to have a good time!



Each year one of the most anticipated music events in the USA

Something started in ’91. And we just can’t stop.
Started in 1991 as an event dedicated to grunge and alternative music, Lollapalooza has had its ups and downs before establishing itself as a major festival. Created by Perry Farrell, singer from Jane’s Addiction, Lollapalooza is a traveling format that has been all over the world but since 2005 its most important edition has been the one in Chicago.
Attending Lollapalooza is a true experience of music, art and theatre with a series of side events. The idea was to distance the festival from other, commercial ones in order to boost young and up-and-coming artists of the underground scene.
Today, Lollapalooza definitely deserves the title of a major festival that maintains its innovative and refined spirit but still features big names such as Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Keys and many others. Chicago is an incredible city and a perfect framework, especially in the period when the festival takes place, which is usually sometime between July and August.
If you planned on travelling the legendary Route 66, the most famous road in the United States, which begins in Chicago, contact us for an estimate. Yes, Chicago is also the city of Al Capone, didn’t you know? How many things are you yet to find out about Chicago?
The festival can definitely be a good occasion for visiting the city, and you don’t even have to worry about anything, we will take care of everything, just make sure to grab the tickets in time, and stay curious.



A festival that is not a festival!

Please! Don’t call it festival! The organizers themselves on the official website describe Kaaboo as everything but a festival. We’re trying to figure it out.
The show is great, starting from the venue itself and the line-up of acts: famous musicians, contemporary artists, performers, chefs, actors and comedians. In this kermesse everything seems to be planned to the smallest detail so that the visitors can enjoy, relaxed and in comfort, all that it has to offer. The performers are all musicians of international fame, with some of the names including No Doubt, Ben Harper, The Killers and Snoop Dog, but the entire line-up is truly rich and varied.
During the three days of the festival, the music shares the spotlight with an extraordinary selection of Californian wines, high quality alcoholic drinks and craft products that are typical of this part of the United States or of America in general, chosen by the famous chefs who are featured in a zone dedicated to the experiences of the palate.
Thanks to the geographic position, in Southern California, close to the Mexican border and Baja California, San Diego has a perfect climate and the area reserved for Kaaboo is right on the shore, on Camino del Mar. You will breathe in a creative atmosphere, enjoy the rich and comprehensive program that you can also download using a free app which is updated in real time, and get informed about everything that takes place within the event.
San Diego waits for you to come to the Kaaboo festival and to experience the joy de vivre in the sunny, rejuvenating city. While we won’t exactly be there to fan you or shield you from the sun, but we are here for everything else you might need and we will do everything we can to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


New Orleans Jazz Festival (NOJF)

Jazz the capital of Jazz

If you are a jazz fan or you simply want to experience the joy de vivre atmosphere of New Orleans at its best, you simply have to come to the capital of Louisiana during the Jazz Fest.
From 1970, the festival has been bringing local and international players of classic and modern jazz with the purpose of promoting and celebrating the local culture, embracing other genres as well, those not so typical of New Orleans alone, but of entire Louisiana. We are talking blues, R&B, Cajun and zydeco, country and bluegrass, rap and Afro-Caribbean folk. Although officially concentrated at the Fair Grounds Race Course, the Jazz Fast literally extends to the streets of the city with live music in bars, nightclubs and on the streets, with processions and bands around every corner…all in all, a continuous party that can only be compared to the famous Mardi Gras!
This festival is a huge celebration of all that makes this southern American region, and an important aspect of it is, naturally, the cuisine. There are as many as eight different areas, called squares, that are entirely dedicated to food, meaning that between gigs you can try some of the local delicacies, from Po’ Boy sandwiches with alligator meat to jambalaya, from fresh oysters to river shrimp stew, as well as a number of vegan and vegetarian dishes – ever heard of fried green tomatoes?
In addition, you will find numerous handcraft booths and pavilions dedicated to the local history and culture, an incredible mix of cultures.
If you are already feeling the rhythm of jazz running through your veins, give us a shout and we will organize your trip to New Orleans!

  • Where: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • when and for how long: last weekend in April – first weekend in May
  • web:


Ready to go crazy in the pit?

Do you have a true punk soul and dreams of an event where you would satisfy your hunger for metalcore, ska, rock, hip-hop and new wave?
In that case, Riotfest in Chicago is your festival! Iggy Pop, The Prodigy, System of a Down, Faith No More, Ice Cube, The Offspring, Elvis Costello and Blink-182 are just some of the names that have participated in various editions of this annual event. Like any other respectable festival, this one too also comes with various side-attractions, such as indie performances, carnival and some excellent food.
Since 2005, Riotfest has attracted so many visitors it had to split in two sister festivals, one in Denver in August and the other one in Toronto, Canada, also in September. Therefore, the only doubt you are allowed to have is which one to attend and we will take care of the rest.
If you opt for the original Riotfest, use that opportunity to explore the Windy City, the pulsing heart of Illinois and the starting point of the historic Route 66, with its skyscrapers overlooking the Lake Michigan, the central neighbourhood called The Loop, Millenium Park and the legendary underpasses where so many movies, most famously The Blues Brothers, were filmed.
If you opt for Canada instead, the Toronto edition of the Riotfest can be the perfect opportunity for a trip to majestic Niagara Falls and perhaps even a quick journey through Ontario.
If you only have holidays in August and don’t want to miss Riotfest, then by all means Denver is a terrific opportunity to attend the festival’s western edition, perhaps combined with a tour of Colorado and the surrounding areas.
Wherever you decide to go, we are here to help!



One of the most unique music events in the United States

Personalized shoes, umbrellas and flower spheres hanging in the forest, video games, hammocks all over, a market, a beer bar and, obviously, so much music…That’s what awaits you at the Firefly Music Festival, the East Coast music event per excellence!
Every June, the Woodlands of Dover International Speedway, in Delaware, come alive with seven Firefly stages: The Porch, The Backyard, The Lawn, The Pavilion, the Big Break, the Forest, and the main stage – The Firefly. In addition to shows by musicians and DJs such as The Killers, Hozier, Steve Aoki, Imagine Dragons, Beck and Arctic Monkeys, the festival in Dover offers other activities throughout the day as well.
Here you will find a pavilion dedicated entirely to entertainment like video games, table football and pinball, which you can use for free as much as you like, and also, if you ever dreamed of making your own personalized pair of shoes – here you can do it! With the help of artists and creative you can personalize a pair of Toms Shoes and for every pair sold a pair will be donated to charity.
Walking around the woods, you may stumble upon a group of people that seems to have gone completely mad, dancing without music. This means you have landed The Ticket, the most interesting attraction of the Firefly, which by the likes of it is a silent rave. The music is there and there’s also a DJ going crazy over the turntable, but the sound goes directly to the headphones all the guests are wearing.
What are you waiting for?
Get your tickets on time and fly to the East Coast. We’ll take care of the rest!


Lightning in a Bottle (LIB)

Music and eco-sustainability!

Lightning in a Bottle, which takes place every year in May at the San Antonio Reservoir Recreational Area on the coast of California, is not just a music festival like all the others, but an event that is defined as a “festival of transformation.” This is because, along with the music, Lightning in a Bottle also promotes social cohesion, artistic liberty and freedom of expression, physical and spiritual health and environmental sustainability.
Exploring the vast area where the event takes place, you will not only hear various folk, experimental, electronic and dance acts, but also admire the visual and interactive installations, attend meditation and yoga classes and green cooking courses. The center of these activities is the Temple of Consciousness, a sacred refuge with a strong spirit of brotherhood where you can discuss philosophy, science and ecology, honoring the man’s connection with Mother Earth.
Eco-sustainability is a concept that is highly perceived and observed, so much so that the festival even received the Outstanding Award of the non-profit organization A Greener Festival for five consecutive years, therefore don’t forget to mind where you throw your thrash while you are there!
Can you believe that an event of this magnitude started as a private party back in 2000? It is true – Lightning in a Bottle was a birthday party and an invite-only celebration of music and nature, but it became so popular that four years later it had to become a public event.


Burning Man

Probably one of the most intense experiences of your entire life

Burning Man in the Nevada desert is the father of all festivals, a happening of happy people who decide to spend a week in the middle of a desert…with a surprisingly beautiful outcome!
Even though the customs and the costumes of the festival are known to be "ruleless”, there are few to abide by. This means that, unless you suffer from agoraphobia or aren’t used to the desert climate, the festival is open to everyone, including children, who always have a whale of a time.
To survive, you have to carefully procure everything you might need, since in the camp money has no value and you can’t buy anything (except ice and coffee) but you can exchange goods instead: in improvised bars you will be offered strange drinks in return for a smile, a kiss or a hug. The requests vary and are often extremely fun…someone might ask you to collect ten pieces of trash and someone else will ask for a theatre improve or just a simple thought.
The festival is divided into day and night, some people go there one week in advance, some prefer day and others go loose and lost at night, because Burning Man is whatever you want it to be. Burning Man is you amped to the max, whether you are an S&M enthusiast or you’re simply curious.
You will always find something that will get your attention, so look up and keep your arms open and ready to embrace a stranger.

  • where: Black Rock Desert, North Nevada near Gerlach
  • when and for how long: from the last Sunday in August to the first Monday in September
  • web:


Ready to go crazy in the pit?

The beautiful landscape of the Gorge Amphitheatre, in Washington State, has been hosting the Sasquatch! Music Festival every year since 2002, during the Memorial Day weekend.
Four days of indie rock, dance electronica and hip-hop, alternative rock and comedy acts. Bands, singer-songwriters and actors take on five stages that this festival is known for: Uranus Stage (the smallest one, which keeps changing name year after year), the Bigfoot State, the Yeti Stage, the Banana Shack (dedicated mostly to comedy acts and electronic music, and also known as El Chupacabra) and, as the cherry on top, the main stage, the Sasquatch!
During its 14 years of existence, Sasquatch has been voted among the top 10 music festivals in the United States and has hosted artists such as Ben Harper, Björk, Outcast, REM, Foo Fighters, Massive Attack, The Cure, Coldplay and many more. If you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest during this time and if you want to attend the festival, bear in mind that you will have to spend all four days there, since there are no daily tickets.
To experience the atmosphere fully and not miss anything, we recommend you camp out in the dedicated campgrounds in the area, ranging from simple parking spots where you can mount your tent to more luxurious Glamping, for which, however, you have to be willing to pay a staggering price!


Beale Street Festival

In Memphis, where the streets still exude music

May is a beautiful time to be in Memphis, since the city becomes the protagonist of a series of events on international level for the entire month. Some of them are musical, but there are many others – there is even a barbecue world championship!
Beale Street Music festival takes place during the first weekend and it is a gigantic event with more than 100.000 visitors per night. Memphis is a city that has contributed more than any other to the birth of rock’n’roll.
It is the city of Elvis and also the home of the Sun Studio, a recording studio where some of the most celebrated names have worked at, such as B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as all the artists that have orbited around the bars located up and down Beale Street. The festival takes place at the Tom Lee Park, which is bordered by Beale Street on one side and the Mississippi River on the other.
The crowd is as big as you’d expect of a major event, but it is also divided across vast areas – there are as many as five stages aligned north to south along the Mississippi, each dedicated to a different genre. Obviously, traditional rock and blues are the most important ones, but you will also find some excellent pop and alternative acts.
The main feature of this festival is the fact it combines local acts with big, international names, meaning you can stop to hear a group of kids who grew up on blues on the streets of Memphis and then move right on to see an MTV superstar.
A festival truly capable of meeting anyone’s needs!