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United States curiosities

United States curiosities

Strong sense of patriotism, wide wide roads of California, New York skyscrapers, In God We Trust stickers...these are just some of the peculiarities that drive us to discover United States.

A few US curiosities

To travel means to explore new places, to taste the liberty and fill your luggage with experience, to get lost and find your way again, especially if you’re planning a trip to the United States. When we think of America, only classic destinations from movies come to mind. How many times have you dreamed of visiting the same place as your favorite actor in your favorite movie? New York, the White House in Washington D.C., Los Angeles and the Monument Valley in Grand Canyon. But there is so much more to discover than what we see in movies. For instance, did you know that in Oregon the politicians are not allowed to eat garlic and onion before a public speech? Did you know that in some US states it is possible to keep an alligator in the house? Each place has something unique and worthy of exploring. Let’s take a look, stage by stage, at some of the most fascinating US peculiarities.


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