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City tour and sightseeing

Plan your trip in the United States to the best, add excursions to the cities and American national parks, avoid the lines and don’t waste time!

Guided tours, transfers and themed tours

Once you have planned the trip to the United States with flights, hotels and rentals, there come reservations of services and excursions: some places include “obligatory” attractions which should definitely be booked before you leave! For example, Page in Arizona is famous mostly for the Antelope Canyon: if you already have the reservation for this tour, you will have enough free time to explore this magnificent area better. Another very useful service is transfer to and from the airport in big cities; having someone waiting there for you and taking you to the airport later means not having to deal with a lot of stress before and after leaving. If you are looking for tickets for Broadway shows or New York citypass, if you want to see a Cirque du Soleil show or an NBA game or any special event…we are here to help. Improve your trip to the United States by booking essential services and excursions in the big American cities, such as a helicopter tour of New York: contact us for estimates and information!


Tickets in hand and no waiting in lines!

Oftentimes when we travel, especially when travelling in group or with children, it can be difficult to arrive to a destination and know right away which are the most important things to see, and when doing an on the road trip in the United States the stop-overs are as numerous as the miles you burn. Thanks to our experience and our partners, you can choose right now which attractions you want to see and set aside a whole day for it, without having to look for tickets at the spot, with what could possibly be hours of waiting in lines.

With our system of vouchers sent via email you won’t have to worry about anything, all you need to do is print the receipt to pick up the original ticket or to enter directly, skipping the lines. We can recommend ad hoc services in the United States, from panoramic tours of New York in a helicopter (and in other cities as well) to reserving tickets for shows in Las Vegas or New York.

Contact us, and based on the stop-overs on your trip in the United States, we can recommend some must-see excursions at good prices!

City Pass in New York, San Francisco and many other American cities, guided English tours, both private and group ones. Harlem and Gospel tour, tickets for Broadway shows, Disney parks in Orlando and Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Tickets for Cirque de Soleil shows in New York and Las Vegas, adventure packages in Moab and in Utah. The list goes on and on, and it all depends on you and the time you want to set aside for these adventures.

We also offer private guided tours on foot or with a driver, personal shopper, specialized chaperons for your group or a business trip (chaperoning television crews in the United States). Add major attractions in the cities, services such as transfer (e.g. transfer to and from the airport and the hotel in New York), reservations for events, dinner cruises in San Francisco Bay or in New York, fantastic panoramic tours in helicopter in New York and other major American cities!

You can also contact us for a reservation in a restaurant or if you need advice on planning a special evening in one of the amazing American cities. 

Book city tours and excursions

Contact us for a free estimate or just for some additional information. Make your trip to the United States even more special!

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