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In 2017 the wonder we call Canada turns 150…and we can assure you, it doesn’t even show its age!

Ever considered a trip to Canada?

You may not be aware that Xplore has been organising travels to Canada since 2009. The gorgeous northern neighbor of the United States, so if you had your eye on a USA+Canada trip or maybe just Canada, contact us and before we book your trip we will make you fall in love with this fantastic country! A travel to Canada means a discovery of an extraordinary and immense country that will leave you with your mouth wide open, whichever area you decide to visit. The East with the francophone Quebec, the Atlantic coast, the cliffs, the lighthouses on the ocean, delicious food and super-dynamic cities like Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec. Or the famous West, which is considered the most scenic part of the entire country, with provinces like Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon. Endless territories, one of the most liveable cities in the world (Vancouver), wild and majestic nature, animals in their natural habitat, snowy mountains, thick forests and endless possibilities for trekking and outdoor activities. Or the great central prairies and the North, kingdom of the most extreme adventures…and polar bears!

From adventure to organized travel

You can choose to organize your trip to Canada any way you want but with Xplore you can count on experience and assistance, and don’t forget you can always personalize it to your liking. We offer organized group trips, car tours, camper and bike rentals, traveling by train, international and national flights and we can book any kind of hotel, lodge or excursions!

We can even organize tailor made trips combining Canada and the United States, organize large groups or adventures such as sled tours, wildlife watching trips and rental of any possible means of transportation.

Ask us for a quote right now, the best services are not as widely available as they are for the United States so it is recommended to plan ahead your trip to the Canadian territories.

We are sure you won’t be disappointed – Canada is truly a magnificent place!

If the United States have impressed you with its vastness and the allure of getting behind the wheel and drive for thousands of miles across postcard landscapes, we guarantee that you will love Canada. A Canadian roadtrip experience here means always going to even greater open spaces and more sublime landscapes, and that’s not counting the wildlife you will be able to see in its natural habitat.
All the national parks in Canada will be free of charge throughout 2017, celebrating, together with you, the 150 years of a country that will find a special place in your heart, whether you want to try the most extreme adventures, or the more classic routes of the cities and Canadian National Parks. Don’t forget that with a car, motorcycle or camper rented through Xplore you can cross the Canadian-American border with no problems at all.


Contact us, Canada awaits!

Contact us for a quote or to get more info. A trip to Canada should be planned in advance but it will show you a truly magnificent land!

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