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Camper rental in the United States

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Here you can find the list of models and costs for your camper rental in Seattle. Camper rental stations El Monte and Cruise America are constantly situated outside the urban areas, so make a point to check the working hours and your schedule through our workplaces. Keep in mind that to pick which city you have to check where you will lease the camper. Grabbing the camper in one station and returning it at another is doable by paying an additional fee.The rental stations expect you to telephone one day ahead to declare the pickup and concur with the staff on the circumstances and possible exchanges. See our campers availability and get in touch with us for rates and accessibility!

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For all those who dream of taking a camper for an “on the road” experience in the United States but still need to save money, El Monte and Cruise America offer a choice of vehicles that are not the latest models (usually 4-5 years old vehicles) and that are therefore available at reasonable prices. Ideal solution for families and students who wish to same money instead of using the latest models of campers. Get in touch for prices and more information!

Cruise America T17

adult adult children 2 adults and 1 children
Prices vary depending on the season
Prices on demand. Contact us.

Cruise America C19

adult adult children 2 adults and 1 children
Prices vary depending on the season
Prices on demand. Contact us.

Cruise America C25

adult adult adult children children 3 adults and 2 children
Prices vary depending on the season
Prices on demand. Contact us.

Cruise America C30

adult adult adult adult children children children 4 adults and 3 children
Prices vary depending on the season
Prices on demand. Contact us.

Renting a camper in the United States

Returning the camper in a different place: additional fees

The term One-Way rental indicates returning the camper in a different that the one where you rented it. In such cases, you will be asked to pay an additional supplement called Drop Off, based on the distance between the branch where you rented the camper and the one where you return it. This fee, along with additional local taxes, needs to be paid on site, in dollars, using a credit card, when you pick up the vehicle. To view the additional fee, click here

Picking up the camper and potential problems on the road

Make sure to inspect the vehicle thoroughly before renting it. Make notes of any damages and write them in the contract before leaving. In case of problems you can contact roadside assistance using the number provided for assistance/changing the vehicle/authorized repairs.

All-inclusive camper rental

If you let Xplore manage your camper rental in the United States, you won’t have to worry about anything at all. The price includes unlimited mileage, the vehicle kit (plates, utensils, glasses), personal kit (covers, sheets, pillows, towels), additional drivers, use of the generator and all the insurances for theft, damage to the vehicle and third-party insurance.

Transfers, accessories and pick-up/drop-off hours

You can ask for satellite navigation (where available) for an additional 95 euros. Child seats are not available, but folding chairs are. In some cities the transfer from and to the rental company is included in the price. We recommend you book a hotel for the night before renting the camper because the pick-up is possible only between 1am and 4pm. Drop-off, on the other hand, takes place in the morning, between 8am and 11.30am.

Do I need an international driver’s license to rent a camper?

To rent a camper in the United States, it is recommended to have an international driver’s license, but that doesn’t mean it is obligatory. Being translated into English, an international license is easier to comprehend by the authorities in case of a check, but it is not mandatory. A valid car driver's license will suffice. The minimum age for renting a camper is 21.

What kind of insurance comes with my rental contract?

The cost of the camper rental includes insurance for damages and theft with a 1500 USD excess (per incident), which is not further deductible. The insurance does not cover damages to the windows. Third-party insurance is included with a 1 million dollar coverage.

Cosa comprendono le quote

What’s included

  • camper rental;
  • minimum duration rental is 7 nights, maximum is 40 nights;
  • additional drivers to be specified on site (in person);
  • unlimited mileage;
  • unlimited use of the generator;
  • vehicle kit (plates, utensils, glasses, kitchen appliances);
  • personal kit (towels, sheets, covers);
  • preparation kit (first filling of the propane tank, chemical degradation solution, power adapter);
  • civil liability insurance (Primary Liability Coverage);
  • VIP insurance against theft and damages - $1000 excess per incident with El Monte ($1500 with Cruise America);
  • SLI supplementary liability insurance (third-party coverage, objects and people, up to $1.000.000);
  • maximum 3 years old vehicles (except for Economy/Sunshine models);
  • In New York, an additional tax of 5 USD/day to be paid on site;
  • local taxes and drop-off fees not included;
  • free transfer from hotel to rental company and vice versa (only in selected cities – contact us for more details)


Local taxes, to be added to the costs, can be between 6% and 11% depending by the pick-up city. On our travel quotes you find all the details.

In order to rent a camper you will have to own a credit card in your name, not a pre-paid card, for the security deposit equal to 1000 USD per rental (1500 USD with Cruise America vehicles). That amount is just a security deposit that will be unlocked once your rental ends, provided, of course, you return the vehicle in the same condition as it was when you picked it up. Payment using cheques is not allowed.
Remember that you have to return the camper clean and in the same conditions it was when you picked it up, otherwise the cleaning costs will be drawn from your credit card.

With a rented camper you can travel to Canada but not to Mexico. Campers cannot be driven on dirt roads and in or across Manhattan. Driving in Alaska (all year around) or in the Death Valley (from May to September) is allowed but at your own risk: in case of any problems, you will not be covered by insurance. Some rental stations in certain periods might impose additional fees.

Note that returning the camper to a different place from the one where you rented it comes with an additional fee to be paid locally at the depot, with the cost varying from city to city. See the one-way rental fees

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Dive into nature

Waking up to birds chirping and seeing cute animals in the morning is giving the right start to your day. The smell of coffee and your favorite breakfast will do the rest to guarantee an amazing day. Enjoy being in touch with the nature and discover how Americans really travel, whether it’s a 10-meter RV or a tiny camper, you can still live a true “on the road” experience.

Barbecue and starry nights

After a day of travel there’s nothing better than relaxing and watching the stars while your favorite dinner is cooking on the grill. Rest stops in the United States can be very ascetic (for short stops) but they can also be amazing too, with pools and breathtaking views.

Practical advice

Campers (or RVs, as most Americans call them) are very long. The space wont’ be a problem but pay attention to the gas consumption and long-distance stretches of your trip. It’s best to plan quiet stages of the journey so that you can enjoy the nature and the amazing roads. Visit for more information and to plan your trip!