Battle of Gettysburg

The turning point to make America great

The battle of Gettysburg has been considered as the turning point in the American Civil War, also known as the “war between the states”, started in 1861.   

The youngest may be wondering about  when the battle of Gettysburg was. It lasted only 3 days and specific date was July 1-3 in 1863.

It has been remembered as the bloodiest conflict in American history, with a very high number of casualties: at the end of the battle about 51.000 among soldiers and volunteers, were killed, wounded or listed as missing in action. 

It is called “battle of Gettysburg” because the facts took place in and around the town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. The factions involved in the fight were the troops of the Union, from the North, and the Confederation from the South.  The Army of the North, under General Meade guide was made up of about 100.000 men. The Confederate Army of the South was reorganized By General Lee in 75.000 men. General Lee wanted to strongly capitalize the recent victories of the Confederation on the Union so he decided for a sneak attack in the summer, anticipating the Meade’s troops. In three days of fighting there was a considerable loss of people and the real meaning of the battle was not immediately realized by the contemporaries.

Even if the arms’ technology has really improved with more powerful guns and cannons, soldiers continued to use ancient ways of fighting and this mostly increased the danger and the injuries of the battle.

In the following November, Abraham Lincoln, the then Union President, gave his most famous speech, in Gettysburg, not only to celebrate the effort of his troops in fighting against Southern rebels but also to discuss whether he could restore the whole Nation on democratic and equality principles.

Today the Gettysburg battlefield has become an open-air museum to the war fallen and there is a Visitor Centre open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, where you can read the history of  the United States.

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