The American Whiskey Trail

The whiskey lovers dream comes true

The American Whiskey Trail is the trail announced on September 2004 by Distilled Spirits Council of the United States as the promoting tour of distilled beverage industry.

Both operating distillery and historical sites are open to the public and can be visited by tourists in several countries: from Kentucky, to Tennessee and Virginia, from Pennsylvania to Manhattan in New York.  People can decide to visit distilleries in every order, adding the interesting stop in the rum distilleries of Porto Rico and Virgin Islands. 

Why is the American Whisky Trail so important to Americans? Because whiskey and spirits in general have had a specific role in the increase of American economic development starting from the early XVII century. Spirits Council has recognized the growing interest of whisky lovers in visiting the most well-known distilleries in the whole United States so to organize specific tour in order to offer visitors a better travel experience, helping distilleries gain visibility.   

If you don’t know where whiskey comes from we are here to tell you more about it. American Whiskey is a distillate made by fermented mash of cereal grains. A large part of the world production of spirits like whiskey comes from America. Since 1810 more than 2.000 distilleries have been still working today producing about 2.000.000 gallons of finest whiskey exported worldwide. There are different types of whiskey made in US, listed in the Code of Federal Regulation:  Rye Whiskey, Rye Malt Whiskey, Malt Whiskey and the very famous Bourbon Whisky from Kentucky and Tennessee. Right there in Kentucky there is the oldest still-working bourbon distillery: its name is Buffalo Trace Bourbon and it is a special part of another “spirits route” called the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

As real whiskey lovers we suggest you the top five of best whiskeys of the country:

  1. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye
  2. Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old
  3. Blanton's Original Single Bottle Bourbon Whiskey
  4. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey
  5. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

Smell, taste and amber color make each drop of distillate unique: let’s plan your American dream tour, rent a car in USA and follow the American Whiskey tour roads. 


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