American poets

A trip among American poetry

What could be better than reading a book while you are traveling abroad? If you go on travel to the United States, bring with you some American poets or writers’ books and get involved deeply in the American mood.

It is hard to sum up in few lines the greatness of the American poetry. We have decided to give you a sample of what is poetry for American poets, talking about some of the most important intellectuals that the country has ever had.

With their various literature, they have helped to spread all over the world the ideal of the American dream.  

Let start from one of the most famous American poet, writer and journalist. Have you ever heard about Walt Whitman?

Walt Whitman was claimed as America's first "poet of democracy" and he was so in love with his country so to write verse like this one: "The proof of a poet is that his country absorbs him as affectionately as he has absorbed it”.

Whitman’s first works are the poetry collection “Leaves of grass” and the famous hymn he wrote after Lincoln’s murder “Oh Captain! My Captain” in 1865, that we are sure you know better because of the iconic scene in the Dead Poet Society movie, starred by the beloved Robin Williams.

Whitman left a wonderful legacy for all the following intellectuals in the world.

Another important personality in the American poetry landscape is Ogden Nash, well known for its light verse. Father of an unconventional humorous poetry, he was respected in the community of poets and was very appreciated to be an innovator in the field. When he was not involved in writing, he was used to made guest appearances on comedy and radio shows and travel abroad, visiting school and colleges where he read its poems. His rhyming schemes was very unusual and he often put in his verses misspelled words so to create comic effects.

We have suggest you two valid name that you could bring with you in your tour in the United States but the list of American poets is very longer than that. Enjoy your trip with American poetry!

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