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How Xplore Tour Operator was created - the passion for a destination that has brought together in Italy the two owners, Claudio and Federico, with the idea of showing through a different view a magnificent land that is the United States

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XPLOREAMERICA by Xplore s.r.l.
Via Palmieri 50 – 10138 Torino (su appuntamento)
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Thanks to the Inside View Technology by Google, you can see the inside of our offices in Turin (Italy) from the comfort of your own home!

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Travel advice by professionals and passionate travellers

Relying on a real travel agent will help you save time and money – we can show you the best airport to land in order to save money or visit the region that interests you, we can plan the trip with you in order to understand better your needs, saving you from the stress that comes from organizing the itinerary or booking your stay. Our passion for the United States is real and it has led us to this country countless times, each time on a different route, each time with a different means of transportation and each time with tours different from the usual ones. In addition to reservations and planning of the trip, we can also handle potential travel emergencies or special requests, thanks to the contacts we have on site, made over years of experience. Our offices are located in the center of Torino, a city in the Northwest of Italy. Here our italian customers will find desks with double monitors to see the routes together, along with free maps and obviously all the information you might need!


The idea was born of offering an online resource for italian travellers interested in rediscovering an amazing city like New York, for the first time with the possibility of booking a bed&breakfast in Manhattan, but also in Brooklyn and other boroughs. We also offered centrally located yet affordable hotels as well as the first Design Hotels. The offer was complemented with guided visits, excursions, booking of events and many other things. XPLORENEWYORK was our first success on the italian market and it is still a point of reference for many travellers who want to discover New York again, with a fresh point of view. We are working on the English version of the website.


The second project, XPLOREAMERICA, was born in early 2005. It gathered and keeps gathering all the experience that have matured with time both in the field of tourism and in matters of communication and web design. An instrument with wider range formed around a network of american operators. Not just hotels but now also tours, flights, rentals and many other tourist services.


After New York and America, we at Xplore have decided to point our searchlights to Canada as well, with a website dedicated entirely to this amazing country and adventurous attitude, so in 2009 XPLORECANADA was born. The website stood out immediately in the visual sense thanks to the care and effort by the graphic department who made everything even more appealing and exciting. Car tours, bus tours, rentals, booking hotels and tourist services. Today, whatever you might need in Canada, we have a solution for you. We are working on the English version of the website, stay tuned! At the moment the website is under construction and the new one will be online in 2018 spring!

Travel specialists for United States and Canada

Thanks to our knowledge, our great passion and the joy of working together we are able to find the ideal solution for your trip, whether it is a graduation trip between four friends or a luxury stay in the United States. When you enter our offices here in Turin or when you contact us, you instantly enter directly into the heart of a Tour Operator which direclty contacts the suppliers in the United States to create your travel package! You can talk with us about tourism, travel and planning of the trip, in our office you will find free maps and our full availability, even if it’s just a four-day trip to New York or a tour of the American parks, our professionalism is at your service. Contact us for a free travel quote, even just out of curiosity. Our passion is contagious and if you like the United States you will feel at home here with us.



Passionate about New York as it once was and as it is today, specializing in tours outside the beaten tourist paths and in love with big American cities.



Specializing in outdoor camping travel and field trips, in love with bike travel and with California.



Specializing in Canada and East Coast United States, camper rental, honeymoons and traveling with children!



La nostra super-contabile che ci aiuta a tenere sotto controllo tutto, anche i piccoli fornitori che amiamo andarci a cercare…



Our expert for booking and managing flights, specializing in car tours and in love with national parks!



Expert in finding the best flights at the lowest rates, specialized in escorted tours in the United States!



Appassionata del Nord-Ovest americano, specializzata nei tour in auto e in pullman negli Stati Uniti!



Un prezioso supporto all’ufficio prenotazioni, la sua disponibilità e gentilezza sono preziose anche a viaggio confermato.

Perks of travelling with Xplore Tour Operator

Low entry fees, medical and baggage insurance included in the price, free e-mail quotes within 48 hours, delivering travel documents both in paper form (upon request) and via email

Good knowledge of the destination, together we can cover all the parts of the United States and Canada and in the places we can’t reach, we have our local correspondents who are available for booking and for providing information.

Care for the clients, attention and creation of your travel around your needs. We are a small Tour Operator and every single client is important to us, we pay special attention to a clear and honest relationship with clients and our advice is always frank.

Experience – we have been organizing trips to America and Canada since 2002. Each year that goes by adds to the experiences we have had and to the ability to prevent and avoid unexpected events even before they happen.

Personalized travel advice – our stations allow us to look together at the maps on the computer. If that’s not enough, we have specific maps of less popular areas, such as American national parks trekking and hiking maps.